The session started with an important question “emotions or feelings what actually affects the individual?” Feelings are a momentary reaction to a situation, but the lingering feeling creates emotion, which lies in the subconscious mind. The ability to perceive, understand, use and manage emotions is called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 

Before managing an organization, it’s important to manage & understand oneself and be self-motivated. To overcome this conflict, a cold shower experiment can be deployed. Before getting into the action of a manager, an individual has to be a team player. Every human is bound to certain feelings and emotions out of which 4 such emotions which affect the behavior are mad, sad, bad, and glad. The problem arises when one does not know how to manage them. Through the diary entries, self-assessments of the choices that are made, the emotions can be conquered.

 The conflict would always be between fight or flight and what to win – situation or people. These are the major challenges that decide the emotional intelligence of an individual. With proper assessment of self and organization of thoughts, one can make use of emotions effectively. The session was more of taking a pause, understanding the power of emotion and how to use it.