IIC INNOVENTURE Club: Pitching Event for Ideas Scouted & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for mentorship support.

Mentors are student centric teachers-friends-guides who help young learners in their transitory phases and challenging academic times. Mentoring program has been introduced for obtaining a realistic assessment of the learner’s performance and for providing inclusive spaces for academic growth and skilful development of the student’s community. Our faculty mentors offer their guidance,and knowledge, experience and expertise in promoting their mentees overall development. Mentoring is a loyal, sincere, confidential partnership between mentor and the
student mentee. Our faculty mentors and special mentors serve as reliable guides- like a parent as well-as a teacher, throughout their institutional learning. In our college, faculty mentors are assigned for all the students. Mentors’ emotional encouragement and motivation during challenging times serve to help students balance their academics and extracurricular activities.Each faculty have 15 students assigned to them this helps the mentors to concentrate on each student. As a part of mentoring session we have done a lot of activities such as group discussions on various topics which would help us for our placements, having one on one interaction with regard to our careers and the plan of action on how we will be achieving it in the future. Overall these mentoring sessions have helped students as they tend to give you a direction for your career and also give you insights about various aspects of life which creates a great impact.

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