Brief Profile of Speaker:
Ms. Jeswini Vivian is customer-focused sales/marketing professional with 10 years of valuable experience in leading and contributing to projects implementing technology transition and cutting-edge methodologies to enhance end-user productivity. She has hands-on experience and exposure on spend management, client management, trend analysis, digital marketing, textual marketing, business development. Ms. Jeswini had worked for Aayur Technology Solution Pvt. Ltd, Yahoo Software Development India Pvt. Ltd, Hewlett Packard Human Partner Pvt. Ltd with the various designations Technical Support Analyst, Marketing Manager, Associate Accounts Manager, Sr Marketing
Manager. Ms. Jeswini has got Gold Award for outstanding Campaign in 2014, Award of excellence for outstanding advertising in 2009, Action Award for Outstanding Performance in 2009 Currently, Ms. Jeswini is working at RNS Institute of Technology as Assistant Professor in MBA Dept. The guest lecture comprised various digital marketing strategies; brands use to make their online presence. It was mainly focused on the online reputation management of individuals or the brand to know more about their target customers. The speaker also touched upon revenue perspectives of the brands from the digital marketing and use of social media by the brands and individuals. Moreover, the lecture also coved the basics of Digital marketing.

Flow of event
The Event started in time by Dr. Guru sir by introducing the guest speaker profile for the audience and was taken over by Ms. Jeswini started by differentiating between traditional marketing and digital marketing, and continued with types of digital marketing strategies like SEO and SEM with an example, later she described the history of digital marketing and what impact digital marketing skills can create for students in terms of employment and for working individually by sharing the speaker’s experience. The lecture went for 2 hours in which the speaker covered online reputation management and its importance and how can a business improve its reputation, review management, and community
management the work they do for the brands to get a better review and how to face bad reviews and how the brands collaborate with these third parties sites and closed the first session with the ORM tools and their applications.
Learnings from the event
The takeaway from the guest lecture is about the importance of digital marketing than the traditional marketing, history of digital marketing, employment perspective, presence of online and its benefits for the business, Social media for business, and the revenue generation points for review management and community management sites others than ads, and how these sites affect the business through reviews, creating a brand image online, the importance of reviews and rating how it’s the impact on day to day market and how to attract people to buy from online and
how to make them believe a different kinds of ORM tools and their uses. How to interact with customers online.

Feedback from students
The majority of students felt it was an informative session with a new topic as their takeaway, they were introduced to new topics like online reputation management, review, and community management. It was packed with a lot of information about digital marketing, and few attendees quoted the session as knowledgeable.

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