Learn From Masters- Ms. Arundhati Rao- Information Technology

Speaker– Ms. Arundathi Rao (Director- Global IT at Hewlett Packard


  • To expose the students with the perspectives, ideas, and concepts related to Information Technology.
  • To recognise the latest and future issues and challenges in IT field and how to deal with it.


This series was conducted in four sessions, each session offered different learnings for the students. On day 1, we were briefed about Design Thinking and its implications on the IT industry. How Design Thinking has become an important element in today’s business and technology world. We also had an overview about how Design Thinking is solving the modern problems in the organisations. It is listed among the top skills that a person should have in 2022, in order to excel in his/her career.

Day 2, was an introduction to Agile and Lean Management. Students got an overview of agility, the benefits of agile at workplace, brief about PLC etc. An overview of Scrum, its roles were also introduced. During the second half of the session a discussion on Lean Management was conducted. Brief introduction about lean management, the definition of values and ways to implement values in industry were also a part of the discussion.

Session 3 and 4 were conducted on the same day at different hours. For the first hour the topic for discussion was STEM: Technology at the centre of everything in an enterprise. We were briefed about the key technologies which are at the heart of the organization, popular technologies to build enterprise software. Also, the future technologies which are emerging were discussed as well.

The 8 innovation talents were discussed, i.e., Think, Disrupt, Create, Drive, Connect, Control, Deliver, Give.

During the second half of the session students were briefed about Change- and why it is important, the fears associated with change, and how to manage change. Tips and Tricks were introduced to the students about how to handle change. Ms. Arundathi also shared her personal experience as a leader in the organisation for several years – “Lessons form a Corner Cubicle”. She shared ten valuable lessons from her career which would help the students in their career journey ahead.


The session was very insightful and interactive, as a lot of real-life examples were given and also stories were shared by the students from their personal lives. We also got to learn how the IT industry works and what are the important skills required related to this field and how to gain those in order to sustain there.