Innovations in Digital Marketing

Brief Profile of Speaker:
Vineet Gupta is an entrepreneur, management consultant, and accomplished author. He has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world in India and abroad, spanning across hospitality, banking & finance, and real-estate sectors. For the last 12 years, he has been actively engaged in consulting and management education assignments. He has mentored many startups and co-founded Pearl Quest Associates Private Limited – An Intermediation Venture in Real-Estate. Currently, he’s working on an online venture called Brainmail Diaries.

Learnings from the event
Starting from the basics of what digital marketing is, Mr. Vineet touched a lot of aspects related to Digital Marketing and did a well deep dive in digital marketing. It was a two-way communication session where students kept asking questions as Mr. Vineet opened the question forum for the entire two days session.
Table of contents for the topic:

  1. Introduction to digital marketing.
  2. SEO(Pull)
  3. SEM(Push)
  4. Inbox Marketing
  5. Content feeding
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Blog Writing

Introduction to Digital Marketing- It was the foremost part of this session where Mr. Vineet Gupta came up with the most understandable definition of it. He explained digital marketing in a very simple language i.e; digital marketing is nothing but selling the products digitally with some of the great examples to make everyone understand.

SEO- He discussed that SEO stands for search engine optimization that is an organic way to bring the audience to your product or content. It is also known as pull strategy where the audience comes by themselves to the content and no one is forcing them.
SEM– While SEM is just opposite to SEO and is thus, known as push strategy.
Inbox marketing- Inbox marketing is also known as email marketing where marketers prepare a message template in the form of mail and that they use to share will their relevant audience.
Content feeding: It is a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider. Content feeds are used to distribute content across the Internet. Besides, he also discussed how to search keywords on Google, what are some of the tools that we can use for free. What is Google Search Console and how we can utilize it in content? He also talked about market share for search engines where we found that Google has the highest market share i.e; 85%+ Students learned about meta tags, alt tags, description, plagiarism, and sources to get good images for free (Unsplash).

And finally, we wrapped up this two days session on 9th July at 1:15 Pm with a special vote of
Feedback from students: It was such a wonderful workshop with a lot of learnings. We are looking forward to having more sessions with him.

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