Industry visit to TVS

Mr. Rajendra, who studied mechanical engineering and participated in inspecting the production line, is a technical manager with more than ten years of expertise. Mr. Vengat received his iti diploma with a mechanical concentration. His career spans more than six years. serving as an internship and HR advisor.

Abstract/Snapshot: As of right now, theoretical knowledge is simply insufficient for a career as a corporate manager. Exposure to the manufacturing industry is necessary to get practical expertise in a variety of fields, including IT, marketing, finance, and finance. It aids in bridging the knowledge gap between classroom instruction and practical experience. Therefore, ISBR has given a chance to contact with business and learn about the actual working environment.

Learnings from the event :
Hosur has 5 plants: 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10. In plant 2, 110 bikes are produced in an hour. It is capable of assembling 1800 motorcycles in a day while producing 1100 bikes on average each day. Although there are two 8-hour shifts in industry, productivity is lower. The conveyer is versatile and can be used for various types of assembly. Plant 2 employs around 1100 people. They operate in shifts and also have reserved personnel. The bike that has been put together needs to be examined by a different staff, and if any parts are defective, they either replace them or throw the product away.

They divide the scrap into 3 parts Metal, chemical and machinery and sell the scrap as per the category to scrap vendors. They import a lot of parts and assemble it in the plants. It is to reduce cost. They prefer Indian market for raw materials which saves them import duties and other taxes They buy raw material for engines and finish it within the plant with the help of robots. The plant assembles the engine as well 100cc 120cc and 150cc Engines are assembled The plant is also responsible for BMW assembling as the company works as a supplier for them In India. They have a PED department for managing the workers and time and rules are followed strictly they are producing 2-wheelers 3-wheelers and electric scooter within the premises they have all the relevant departments’ office within the premises itself. From this visit students of the ISBR has learnt the real industry working environment.

Feedback from students: It was a new and great experience of getting knowledge practically from real industry. It would have been still better if food in the noon was arranged.

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