Industrial Visit to Akshaya Patra

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, located in Bangalore, operates the Akshaya Patra Foundation as a non-profit trust. In India, it manages the midday meal programme.

Within the grounds of Bangalore’s Iskcon Temple is where the Akshaya Patra Foundation’s primary kitchen is situated. Following a brief introduction of The Akshaya Patra Foundation and the charitable work it undertakes for the less fortunate, students participated in a Q&A session. After that, we went to the temple and sought Lord Krishna’s grace. They then had the chance to explore the kitchen and learn about its design, fundamental functions, and other quantitative elements. After the visit to their kitchen, they were given information about a spiritually-based personality development programme.

Students that were interested in the programme registered themselves. After that, they returned to ISBR.
Insights from the event: Despite the trip’s primary purpose being an industrial visit, it also fully exposed the pupils to the value of social responsibility. The foundation, which was founded by a small group of individuals and expanded to become this enormous non-governmental organisation, inspired everyone to provide a helping hand to those in need.
Students’ comments: The information that the pupils learned about the internal processing of the food prepared in the foundation’s kitchen made them quite delighted. The lunch was delicious, as shown by the smells alone.

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