Industrial Visit at EMMVEE, 360° Insights of Solar Systems

Introduction about the company:
Emmvee is an intelligent solar solutions producer born from an idea to implement green energy for better use. Our solar energy products are an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and smart innovation for sustainable living.

The two sections D and E started their journey towards Emmvee Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. and reached there by 10:00 am. Our guide Mr. Vishwajeet took us to the production line up and explained to us that this line-up was divided into two sections. Every procedure was explained by him and a few live processes were demonstrated in front of the students. After understanding the production line- up, the students were shown where the raw materials are procured and the section where the finished products were stored. Dr. Guru Basawa Aradhya sir gave a token of appreciation to an employee of Emmvee Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd after which we went for our lunch.

Understanding the Product:
The Product is a solar geyser where a collector and a tank is used. The collector has an absorber which absorbs the solar energy and traps it in the collector which then heats up the water in the tank. There are a few important insights that could be drawn from this.

  • The water can stay in its desired temperature for 2 days once it is heated up
  • The Enamel Coating is done to protect the tank from rusting.
  • 100 liters of tank is the smallest tank and a tank of 3000 Liters was the biggest that could be seen.
  • 100-200 liters of tank is enough for a family of 4 people.
    Flow of Events:
    Factory Tour and Understanding the Production Procedure:
    Tank manufacturing:

    Tank Manufacturing is the first and foremost process done in the lineup and its process is explained below:
  • Shelf forming where the sheets are curved in a cylindrical form with the machine. Spot welding is done after the shell forming is done.
  • Linear welding is done from the inside after the spot welding is done
  • Internal Grinding process happens to clear the rough surface and make it even from the inside
  • Circular welding is then done with End cover
    Enamel Process:
    Enamel Process is the second process done after the circular welding is done.
  • Outer Cleaning of the tank is done to clean it.
  • Degreasing from the inside is done where the lower end is opened and lancers are used to clean the tank from inside.
  • Water rinse bath is the second stage where the cleaning is done
  • The tank is then dried up from inside for the next procedure.
  • Enamel coating is done for anti-rust of the tank.
  • The tank is then put into a Furnace and the tank is heated up at 900° for 3 hours Enamel tank leak test is done to check if there are any leakages. It is done manually as well as with the help of the machine.
    Tank Insulation:
    Tank insulation Process is the second and the final process for the tank
  • Outer Cladding is done
  • Puffing is done using Polyol and Isocyanate to cover the space between the tank and the covering.
  • It is then followed by Tank cleaning, stickering and packing.
    Production and Assembly Line-up of Collector:
    The production and assembly of the collector is a small process which is explained below.
  • A frame is made out of an aluminum sheet which is placed for the next process.
  • Welding is done to make the sheets and this absorber is checked for the leakages.
  • The frames are then set up with the absorber.
  • Rock wool is installed to isolate the heat.
  • The fiber sheet is used to cover the absorber.
  • The collector will be flipped and the absorber sheet will be on the face.
  • The final procedure is when the sheet is removed and the glass is installed. It is then packed for the sales.
    The whole procedure is complete and the finished product is sent to the warehouse and dispatched accordingly.

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