The lecture was quite enlightening one, it started with the basic concepts of the meaning of individual behaviour and the various components affecting it. Dr Vijaya is well known as an encyclopaedia for Organisational behaviour and her session just was like a tool to understand various concepts of Organisational Behaviour in simpler examples and experiences. Basically, the behaviour of an individual is determined by the action and reaction to a given stimulus, which can be introduced from the external environment or due to intrinsic conditions. Behaviour is one of the components which directly affects various aspects of an organisation i.e. productivity, employee turnover and job satisfaction etc. Perception is the process by which individuals select, organise and interpret through their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to the environment. One of the important concepts we understand here is, perception doesn’t depend on how things are or what things are, rather it depends on what we are and how we see things. Here, we mostly select the thing that we would mostly sense which may be an object or feeling or information based on the interest, leading to perceptual errors. But while observing things it’s essential to understand all the aspects of the scenario as well. The session was a complete package of understanding the various aspects of individual behaviour and its effect on organisations and what leads to these perceptual errors.