You cannot achieve life balance without mindfulness. Mindfulness involves being in the moment mentally as well as physically. Mindfulness is critical to the attainment of a balanced life. To explain the aspects of mindfulness, empathy and balance we had Ms. S Yamini Krishnan, Senior Director- HR, AMESA, IQVIA online on 30th Jan, 2021. To practice effective self -management we need to have proper time management, me time and have our priorities listed. There should be a balance in physical, emotional and mental state of life. Decision making skill is the most important skill. She explained the true meaning of empathy by building trust, recognizing the emotions, and communication. It is important to understand other people’s culture and not restrict yourself to build relationships to feel a sense of belongingness. There should be proper open communication without confrontation. To make a difference it is necessary to create an impact. The speaker beautifully conveyed that true essence of mindfulness lies within ourself. It is important to have a clear and calm mind to understand things from others perspective. She spoke about the implementation of 3 major values to become more self- aware are Attention, Attitude and Acceptance. She also explained major A ‘s we need to work on like Adaptability, Agility, Adequate skill, Attitude, Analytics & Technology and Alignment with business goals. She emphasized on constantly pulling ourselves out of what is pulling us back. We need to always stay in the right path and right frame of mind and never give up. The speaker was very interactive and jovial making the session even more interesting and energetic.

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