GUEST LECTURE on The Digital Age-learning & Development Trends

Digital age is a fascinating word and we need to update ourselves to cope up in this world. As a wish came true Ms. Kiranmai Pendyala gave a guest lecture on the topic “The Digital Age-learning & Development Trends” in google meet on 1st march 2021. Our enthusiastic participants had a good learning experience and the lecture helped them in understanding the Training program and Learning and Development in Digital Trends. They also understood the Changes of the HR during this Covid Pandemic and how to manage in this Pandemic situation. The speaker Ms. Kiranmai P starts the session reminiscing about her B-school experiences. She also talked about Human Resource and adaptability of technology in Human Resource. She enlightened the student about Byju, Unschool, Coursera, Upgrade and many different platforms and their strategies. Finally, there were intellectual questions asked by the students which was answered commendably by Ms. Kiranmai and Dr. Savitri Jayant. 


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