Focusing on being more pleasant with the people in your life is a great technique to promote a positive thinking lifestyle. This guest lecture focused on building successful HR strategy for people success by Ms. Jayanthi J on 8th  Jan, 2021, Founder & Partner, Peoplezenn, Delhi on 8th Jan, 2021. She wanted us to be emotionally involved in the organization. People who are financially invested expect returns but the ones who are emotionally invested want to go the extra mile and contribute to the organization. She also threw light on the performance management process and how its done in an organization. Then she talked about important skills an HR should keep up with the remote working situations. And how the post pandemic era will lead to emergence of new challenges for the HR department (going back to offices for work, getting rid of lazy habits etc). She lectured about how to use the tool of SMART goals effectively for better assessment. She discussed few important soft skills which includes empathy, analytical skills, decision making, influencing, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and positive intelligence for individual development. Eventually, students asked intellectual questions which was answered excellently by the speaker. 

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