Once again, we had an amazing quiz event under the guidance of Prof. Navita Vijay. The event was conducted to gain the basic knowledge about finance and the daily news related to finance so that people from other backgrounds can also know about the finance terms and also they can get to know what’s going on in the corporate world regarding finance. The event was started sharply at 2:15 PM. The event was hosted by Chaitra R, Akshara P in presence of our club faculty members and our classmates. The event started with 1 st round “Let’s be aware” and then followed by 2nd round – Deep Financial Dive and then followed by 3 rd round – Case Study, the time limit for Case Study was 30mins to answer the questions. Everybody was involved in the events and had fun by participating in the quiz and the case study.

Learnings from the event:
Our students learned a lot of new terms in Finance and also gained some general knowledge of the corporate companies. We also learned about the quarterly finance earnings of the companies, the merger of the companies, GDP growth rate, FPI’s, Percentage of stakes, types of funds.
Feedback from students: Students loved participating in this event, as we could learn a lot from the questions asked as well as from our opponent team members. We had a jam-packed, adrenaline rush in the entire two hours. As it was our first event in the Fanatics club, we enjoyed it a lot.