Finance Faculty @ Bloomberg-South India Connect

ISBR Faculty are invited to attend the event named South India Connect conducted by Bloomberg. The agenda of event was how top corporations should grapple with significant technology,policy and economic changes to lead to low carbon world.Since India pursues its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2070 and thus confront questions how this massive transition can be funded and low risks can be managed. The session was again conducted into two parts;buy side breakout and corporate breakout Both the sessions had unique take away as to how ESG could be achieved by companies . Dr. Manish Kothari, Dr. YlK, Prof. Kirron Bindu, Prof. Amit Kanchanbaras and Dr. Priyanka Khanjode were among the attendees from ISBR Business school.

About ISBR: ISBR Business School, Bangalore-based, Top Class B School for PGDM or MBA, Consistently ranked as best B School in India, AICTE-CII Platinum Category, with multiple specializations.