Executive PGDM Seminar Series: Time Management

We continue to receive a lot of exceptional ISBR fellows who share their perspectives on a particular topic in our knowledge executive series, which provides value to many of our students.
We’re happy to report that Medha Mishra took up the executive knowledge series session this time and talked about “Time Management.”

She continued with saying- we generally think of time management as the concept of doing the majority of our work on a set schedule. This may appear right to some of us, but Time Management is more about mindset than strategies and shortcuts for completing our work. I’ve heard people remark “Time is Money” when comparing time to money. This is to demonstrate the value of time, as most people nowadays believe money is the most valuable item on the planet. However, we frequently overlook the fact that we will all die one day, leaving our hard-earned money to the next generation, but our time will not. After we die, we will no longer be available to our younger generation.

Nothing can replace one’s time, but our money can provide them with financial security. So, friends, let us all join together and try to comprehend the other aspects of this fascinating subject.
We’ll try to figure out what Time Management entails. Is it only about the tricks and techniques, or is there another aspect to it that we should all consider? We shall attempt to comprehend some fundamental procedures that we can implement in our daily lives. Only then can we feel content and improve if we manage our time effectively.
We’ll also discuss about the difficulties we face.

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