ERASMUS PLUS SPIRIT Project Visit to Medan, Indonesia

Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU), Medan, Indonesia, hosted the face-to-face meeting for the Erasmus + SPIRIT (Sports Management & Physical Education Management Program) project(from 15th to 22nd June 2022.). The project activities were attended by Dr. Sheetal and Dr. Lakshmi from ISBR, Bangalore. Due to a severe fever immediately before the trip, Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar was unable to join. This week-long program’s activities included training for finalising the curriculum, presenting the produced curriculum, developing lifelong learning courses, and creating a plan for putting them into action. All members present at the meetings took part in the sports events run by the SPIRIT Club of USU.

On June 21, 2022, SuryaNamaskar was practised in honor of International Yoga Day, and the value of breathing techniques was discussed. With full excitement, each member took part in this. The meetings came to a conclusion with a plan for moving forward with adding the courses to our normal curriculum and putting LLL (Life Long Learning) courses online. ISBR also discussed the plan for our SPIRIT club’s sports inclusion initiatives. The MOU signing ceremony and the end of the activities made up the final day.

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