Certificate program in Parametric and Non-parametric tests in research

Brief Profile of Speaker: Experienced academician with a strong hold of the research methodologies used and various techniques and tools involved like SPSS and is internal audit certified for TQM from ZANDIG TQM Solutions. Dr. Ramesh holds an MBA from Periyar University and a PhD from Bharathiar University.  He has number of publications in SCOPUS and UGC care journals. 

Abstract/Snapshot: A two day certificate program was organized by the ISBR Research Centre for the scholars pursuing the FPM program on 14/3/21 and 21/3/21. The topic was “Parametric and Non-parametric tests in research” and was delivered by Dr. Ramesh Murugesan. One the day 1,he gave dealt with the research design, different types of research, the formulation of hypothesis, their characteristics and criteria for formulation of hypothesis. One the day 2, he elaborated on the variables in research, measurement and scaling – the types of scales used and proceeded towards the parametric test – ANOVA and non-parametric tests – chi square. He also gave a brief description about the factor analysis and its uses in research . The program was very lively with the students asking many questions to the speaker.  The session was attended by scholars pursuing FPM, faculty members and research associates of ISBR Business School.

Flow of event: the event started with the introduction of the speaker by Dr. K.S. Lakshmi, followed by the presentation of the resource person.

Learnings from the event: The scholars were able to get an insight into the research design and how to carry on the research, they had a good learning base which they can apply to the research topic that they would be choosing during the FPM program.    

Feedback from students: scholars enjoyed the session and were impressed by the speaker, they have also requested for more topics like Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and analysis using data sets from the resource person. 

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