C-Talk: Plan your investment.

Brief Profile of Speaker: Mr Bhupesh P Chaudhri is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), by profession.
Abstract/Snapshot: The entire session was focused on the theoretical and practical aspects involved in statistics.He is
the Founder & CEO of Maestro Fin plan Academy.

Flow of event: Mr. Bhupesh P. Chaudhri explained how to plan the expenditure and other finances. He basically introduced different ways to invest and plan for the future in and around retirement. He explained students with various types mutual funds, investments and trading. He also quoted how relevant it is to judge the risk tolerance while investing. Later on, he came up with the different types of insurances and how they help people in their difficult situations at the right time.

It’s very important to invest at the right place at the right time to secure the rest of the life and one’s career.

Feedback from students: The session was very much informative.

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