C-Talk – Jargon 2 Jagran

Brief Profile of The Speaker: EKANTHALINGAM A works as a Portfolio Manager for the Global Learning & Development department of Cargill in Minneapolis, USA. With a concentration on consumer behaviour and decision-making, he has a Ph.D. in business administration. Apart from learning theories at the university, he has a strong corporate experience of 21 years across 7 different organizations which has equipped him to realize multiple talents that he possesses and his passion towards sharing knowledge in any potential platform. He believes that he can make a difference to the society by doing his best in any given situation with a mix of his will, knowledge, and action.

Flow of the event: After his introduction, there was a five-minute mindfulness exercise. His presentation was quite participatory; he began by explaining some jargon before moving on to discuss his journey and the transitions that occurred along the way. He used examples from his own life to show that there is no such thing as losing and that one should constantly have huge goals for themselves. He also emphasised to us the competitive advantage of earning an MBA or PGDM. He counselled us to embrace change and continually broaden our knowledge by learning new talents.

Learnings From the Event: He assisted us in realising the importance of doing what we love, constantly learning new things, valuing our time, and having huge aspirations for ourselves.

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