C-Talk -“Information is the oil of 21 st century and Analytics is the combustion engine”

To make us all aware of the importance of analytics Miss Bhargavi Reddy Dokuru from Netflix, which is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service in San Jose, California, USA, was invited. The event started at 9 PM IST on Saturday, 24th April 2021 on the Zoom platform. The event was organized by Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, HOD, Quantitative Techniques and Analytics, ISBR. It was moderated by MR. Khazi Owais and Mr. Shantanu Paul. The event was embraced by Mrs. Kala Sridhar, Head – Corporate Relations, ISBR, Mr. Amit Kanchanbaras, HOD Finance, Mr. Suresh Raju, HOD – Training and Transformation, Mrs. Veena Shenoy, Program Manager (MBA), and a total of 134 students of both MBA and PGDM Batch 2020-2022. The speaker started the session by introducing herself and her journey to Netflix. She started right from her graduation till today, which was very inspiring in terms of her experience and her subject knowledge.

She started by explaining how she built an interest in data and gave her own life story. She went on to explain what is her work and how does data affect companies and their strategies. She explained the importance of logistics and analytics. She emphasized on the face that companies have huge data, but before that data is processed by using analytical tools and information is interpreted, the data equal to a huge chunk of useless names and other details.

She gave a simple mantra to success in the field of data is to “ Master the Art of Reading Numbers”. She said the success of a person in this field depends directly on how he/she is able to interpret sense out of that given data. The speaker also gave insights on different job roles and where the future of big data lies. She rightly explained how these job roles are different from each other and what are the different skill sets required for the same. Also, she explained what kind of work each role demands.

The speaker then introduced us to a very different and interesting concept called” The Four V’s of Big Data”. IBM data scientists break big data into 4 main dimensions i.e., Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity. She explained that depending on the industry and organization, big data encompasses information from multiple internal and external sources such as transactions, social media, sensors, and mobile devices. She explained how companies leverage this data to adapt their products and services to better meet the needs and demands of the customers. And also to find new sources of revenue generation.

At last, the speaker shared her valuable thoughts about what she thinks, is the future of big data and what are the untapped areas where more job needs to be created. She emphasized on the security of the data and she expressed
her concern about the current prevailing issues of data theft. She explained how Netflix takes utmost care of the data of its valuable customers and how it protects the same. She also explained that this is one very important domain where more job creation is required more skilled minds are needed.

She also talked about Data Governance and how companies, as well as individuals, need to be more responsible in it. She clearly indicated this field the new emerging field in data science where we need utmost responsible and skilled hands.

Towards the end, the speaker talked about her second mantra of success “To be uncomfortable and always have a growth mindset.” She emphasized the importance of learning and how important it is to never settle down and become comfortable with whatever we have, rather be uncomfortable and strive harder & harder every day to achieve what we desire or dream for.

With instilling lots of positivity she opened the ground for questions. Many students asked their questions in the domain of data science, analytics, the work she is doing, how is Netflix different from others in the market, the impact of covid, how are they much more efficient than any other brand in the market in terms of data governance and data protection and many others. The session came to an end with Dr. Sheetal’s address to thank her for giving her valuable time for this session. She applauded the speaker, Ms. Bhargavi for such an insightful session, followed by a thank-giving message from Mr. Suresh and Mrs. Kala. They both were grateful to the speaker for this interactive session and appreciated her for all her time and efforts.

The session formally ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Shantanu Paul.

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