C-Talk: Cyber security- Traffic to knock

Speaker Biographical Sketch:
Astrikos Consulting Private Limited’s Director of Research and Education is Dr. Vinod Krishna M.U. He has over 25 years of experience in the corporate and academic sectors in the fields of business development, marketing, customer relationship management, operations, and training. Academic experience of 7 years, includes teaching, admissions, administration, and placement. His core competencies are in relationship management, team management, client acquisition, risk management, channel management, business development, and promotions. He is well known for his interests in public policy guidance, world class manufacturing and IIOT, or industry 4.0, data analytics and data visualization (business intelligence), and personal financial planning.

C-Talk was organized with a motive to spread awareness among the students along with crafting individuals who are informed and knowledgeable with various aspects of cyber space and its associated factors. Cyber security is the practice of defending computer servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks. The event provided information on the statistics of cyber-crime all over India, the initiatives taken by the government to tackle the problem and the solutions to protect oneself from the cyber treats and attacks.

Therefore, IOT without Security = Internet of Things Flow of event:
1) The event began with the guest’s welcome address and introduction by the class representative.

2) The guest presented and shared his insights on cyber security, cyberspace, threats, government initiatives, helpline no’s, cyber hygiene etc.
3) It was followed by a very interactive discussion and the guest addressed various questions from the students.
4) Students were advised to be aware of the threats, government initiatives, helpline no’s and also guidance was given on enrolling into certifications of cyber security.
5) The event was ended on a positive note with a vote of thanks and the guest was honored with a memento of appreciation.
Learnings from the event:
The guest shared his valuable knowledge on the topic of cyber security and covered topics such as, cyber space, cyber security and its importance, types of cyber threats and bodies which cause the malicious attacks, malware and its types such as viruses, trojans, spyware etc. the steps to protect oneself from the cyber attack’s, cyber hygiene and the ways to achieve it, types of hackers and the systems or technology they use to hack, dark web and its effects, various software’s which can be used to protect one-self from threats. Later the initiatives taken by government along with helpline no’s was shared. Students were informed regarding the importance of cyber security certifications and cyber security scope in coming future and in present world. The students received information on the measures to take to stay away from such attacks and protect the system and the valuable data. The talk opened the eyes of the students and
they realized how easily a person’s mobile, software or web can be hacked without their knowledge.
Feedback from students:
The students enjoyed the session and were happy to have received an opportunity to learn about cyber security. The students felt the concepts easy to understand and will inculcate all the wisdom shared by the guest in practice and be an alert responsible student henceforth.

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