C-Talk: Communication for Business

Ms. Juvi Alex has, over time, become synonymous with life transformation and goal-attainment for the countless people that have had the fortune of attending one of her programs. Being one of the foremost Corporate Trainers and Speakers in the industry, she has made a lasting impact on the lives of employees at renowned corporates and colleges. In her capacity as a ‘Communication Catalyst’, she has led the way in enabling her clients to script their own success stories through her enriching workshops and interactive coaching sessions as well. She has also co- authored 2 Amazon bestsellers “Revive & Thrive” and “Undefeated”. A notable feather in her cap was the South India Women Achievers Award –2019. She also recently clinched the title of one of the “Top 10 Promising Women Leaders in Soft Skills Industry-2020” by Women Entrepreneur India Magazine. Ms. Juvi has worked with 110 Steps™ Certified Coach @ David JP Philips, Sweden and Facilitator at SIC, Australia.

Abstract/Snapshot:Highly engaging session and activities including Unshakable confidence, Power of body language, charisma formula, speak that people listen, building trust and connection, building growth mindset.

Flow of event:It was a two – day session, the speaker was welcomed by the students and later it was followed by tips to grab opportunities. The session focused to enabling the students to enhance their English Language proficiency in all the four aspects Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The students were also given the opportunity to share their one life story with a moral in it. At the end of the speech, students were given feedback both, positive and negative. We also learned about the importance of body language and gestures in effective communication.

Learnings from the event:
 6 Steps Belief Change process
 Communication barriers and how to overcome with it.
 Building a growth mindset
 Manage Nervousness & Anxiety
 7 C’s of communication
 Non-Verbal skills
 7 Pillars of positive body language
 The Gravitas formula

Feedback from students:The facilitatorMs. Juvi Alex is a very friendly person and was so patient while listening the opinion from everyone. The session was so interactive with various activities and tips which helped students to build their confidence and communication skills.

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