Brief Profile of Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Salman is a Research Associate (OB & HRM) at IIM Bangalore. He is Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University in HRM area. He was also a pre-Doctoral fellow (OB & HRM) at IIM Bangalore from June 2019 to August 2020. His research interest lies in Competency-Based HRM, Action Research in HRM, and Employee
and Organizational Competence Development in Third Sector. He has experience in advanced multivariate data analysis software and tools such as SPSS, AMOS, PROCESS MACRO, SEM, Mediation, and Moderation analysis.
 Abstract/Snapshot: The session was conducted to educate students about how they can find the review of literature on RESEARCH GATE and SPSS. The speaker also explained the important keywords in the research paper, we can find the related research paper according to our topic. Sir also gave the introduction to the software of PUBLISH OR PERISH, we can download the journals and rank them according to the citations it has, the maximum number of the citations indicates that the author’s paper was taken from the greatest number of people according to the field of research. We can also find the papers on Google Scholar, in the addition to the citations downloaded to the bibliographic software (POP), develop: keyword list, journal list, and author list can be found. He broadly explained and covered the four aspects of literature review: How to search literature on a particular theme or topic? How to organize the literature review? How to read the research work of the review? How to use POP (Publish or Perish) software for searching literature?

The session was started with the formal note to the session which was given by Prof Veena Shinoy, and then the guest speaker was given an introduction by Nidhi Tiwari and later on, the session was handed over to the guest, he started the session with a small the activity of making a small triangle, a square, and a line, the speaker explained by the activity that result will depend on our own thinking and so as the writing of the literature too will be different from each other, the session was ended again with the formal vote of thanks to the guest speaker, the session was very interactive and informative in terms of research, he also explained the importance of using the tools in the review of the literature.

 The speaker also taught us that how to use the tool and find the review of literature by using keywords of the research paper and how to make the log sheet.
 He also said that the author who has the greatest number of citations is the best in its area of research.
 The difference between SSRN and RESEARCH GATE was told that the paper which is under process and not published can be found at SSRN and the paper which is published can be found at RESEARCH GATE.
 The session overall concluded that review of literature is the important part of any research paper and it can be done by using various tools and software.
 Preliminary reading and Summary Analysis can be done, a quick scanning can be done of the article if the keywords are similar to the research which the person is doing.
 A single spreadsheet can be maintained and a quick scan should of the method used, data resources, hypothesis, and findings can be done.

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