Advanced Excel Workshop

To make students understand Advanced Excel, Rishiraj Dasgupta was invited to the workshop. It was a 4-day workshop. The event was organized by Dr. Sheetal Mahendher, HOD, Quantitative Techniques and Analytics, ISBR. The event was embraced by a total of 62 students of PGDM Batch 2020-2022. The session started with a small case study regarding the cards sold where we have learned the construction of probability distributions finding or measuring SD and building a predictive model using Stochastic simulation. The simulation includes constructing PD, generating random number series, and performing the simulation followed by interpretation, where we predicted the number of cars sold in the
next few days. We tried to understand and visualize the frequency distribution, to perform a goodness of fit test. We have built a hypothesis where the outcome is we have rejected the null hypothesis. The trainer has also given us an overview of the Bivariate data analysis including linear bi variate (simple linear regression), Nonlinear Bivariate (Curve Fitting). The bi-variate analysis is generally used to understand the cause-effect relationship of two variables. We also learned non-linear regression, the correlation between two variables. Under Non- linear Bivariate analysis we predicted the traffic in the next given time frame and under multi-variate data analysis, we developed a happiness prediction model. In the last session, the trainer discussed few case studies.