Accounting Conventions and Concepts

Brief Profile of Speaker: Dr G.V. Kesava Rao holds MBA in Marketing and Human Resource Management. He has completed his PG diploma in Financial Management. He also holds a Masters degree in (L L.M- Research) in Corporate and Securities Law. He holds Ph. D degree in Management (Finance) from Sri Krishanadevaraya University. He has completed Faculty Development Programme in Management from IIM Ahmedabad. He has authored many papers,
case studies and presented them at various conferences and Journals.

Abstract/Snapshot: The session threw light on Accounting Conventions and Concepts.

Flow of event: The session began with his introduction. He first gave a brief introduction on accounting, by asking a few questions to the audience. He then progressed to Concepts of Accounting. While explaining the concepts, he added a real-life example to each one of them consistently. He then moved on to the Accounting Conventions and gave his insights on them. He concluded by answering doubts of the students.

Learnings from the event: Importance of Accounting conventions and concepts and how they are relevant to our life. Essence of his life experiences were of immense value for the students.

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