ISBR Business School Hosts a Successful 2-Day HR Conclave: “Agile HR Navigating the Future of Work”

The ISBR Business School hosted a two-day HR Conclave on January 19th and 20th, Titled “HR Conclave: Agile HR Navigating the Future of Work,”. The event brought together professionals, industry experts, and students to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of human resources in today’s dynamic world.

The conclave featured three impactful panel discussions, each addressing crucial aspects of HR in the contemporary business environment. The first discussion, “Agile HR – Navigating the Future of Work,” engaged industry leaders Rupali Sharma, Amit Kataria, and Swathy Sanjeevi, exploring the evolving landscape of human resources in the context of agility and adaptability. Dr. Anand Agrawal, the Executive Director – ISBR Business School, moderated the session, steering the conversation towards the evolving landscape of human resources in the context of agility and adaptability.

The second-panel discussion, “Role of AI in Sectorial Agile HR Practices,” delved into the intersection of artificial intelligence and agile HR practices, with experts providing valuable insights into how AI is influencing and transforming human resource functions within specific sectors.

The final discussion, “Generational Diversity,” explored the challenges and opportunities of a diverse workforce spanning different generations. The panel emphasized the importance of understanding and harnessing the strengths that each generation brings to the workplace.

An outstanding feature of the conclave was the inclusion of talks by accomplished women entrepreneurs, providing diverse perspectives on HR in the dynamic world of business. The sessions were not only insightful but also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping effective HR strategies.

The program featured a distinguished panel of speakers, each bringing a wealth of expertise to the stage. Megha Pavan, CEO – Arkaa Cluster Private Limited; Shilpa Naik, Talent acquisition manager – Quess Corp Limited; Gulshan Walia, Leadership coach & HR Consultant –  Infinitzus Consulting, Rasna Kapoor, Senior Manager HRBP – Razorpay; Venkatesh Palabatla, VP Human Resources – Avineon; Mr Abhishek De, VP Talent Acquisition High Radius; Mr Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO –  Pro Risk Group; Mr Piyush Ghosal, Associate General Manager HR – Josh Software; Ms Poornima Kamath, Head of People and Culture – Ms Aruna KH, Senior Specialist Recruitment; Dr Gayathri Harish, Head Academia – Logistics Sector Skill Council; Mr Chella Pandian Pitchai, Global Head DEI & L & D –  Biocon Biologics; were the speakers of the programme.

Dr. Manish Kothari, the founder and Managing Director of ISBR, emphasized the importance of agility and innovation in HR practices. Prof. Anand Agrawal, the Executive Director of ISBR Business School, highlighted the success of the conclave as a reflection of ISBR’s commitment to providing a dynamic forum for thought leaders, professionals, and students in the field of Human Resources.

The ISBR HR Conclave 2024 served as a valuable platform for learning and sharing insights into the evolving role of HR. The emphasis on agility and innovation in HR practices showcased the institution’s commitment to staying ahead in the ever-changing landscape of work. With a stellar lineup of speakers and engaging discussions, the conclave has undoubtedly set a benchmark for future editions, reaffirming ISBR’s position as a leading institution for knowledge exchange and networking in business.