ISBR Business School and ISBR College Hosts Insightful Post-Budget Panel Discussion in Collaboration with ELCIA

ISBR Business School and ISBR College recently had the distinguished honor of organizing a post-budget Panel Discussion on February 2nd in collaboration with ELCIA (Electronics City Industries Association). The event aimed to provide valuable insights into the budget and its implications for various industries. The discussion featured esteemed panelists and industry stalwarts, making it a notable event for students, faculty, and industry professionals alike.

The panelists included Mr. CA K. Raghu, Ex-President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and head of Raghu and Associates; Mr. Gobinath Pathmananthan, Founder of Yosanéy Fintech; Mr. P N Shetty, CEO of RupeeBoss, focusing on the financial needs of MSMEs; and Cdr Pratap Pawar, Ph.D., Director HR & IT at @GS Labs, a Navy Commander turned Technocrat. The diverse backgrounds of the panelists ensured a comprehensive discussion covering various aspects of the budget and its impact on different sectors.

The event was moderated by Mr. Kirron Bindu, a Faculty Member at ISBR Business School and Consultant for MSMEs, ensuring a structured and insightful discussion. The distinguished presence of these industry leaders added immense value to the discourse, providing students and attendees with a real-world perspective on the budget and its implications.

The event was graced by the presence of ISBR dignitaries, including Dr. Anand Agrawal, Executive Director of ISBR Business School; Dr. Nila Chotai, Director of Academics, ISBR Business School; Dr. Lakshmi, Principal MBA, ISBR Business School; and Mr. Shiva Prakash, Professor of Practice at ISBR Business School. 

The post-Budget Panel Discussion was a significant stride in bridging the gap between academic learning and industry trends. It provided students with a unique opportunity to gain insights from experienced professionals and understand the practical implications of the budget in various sectors. The event also served as a platform for networking and collaboration between students, faculty, and industry experts.

The insightful discussion concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Dr. Venkatesh Narasimha, HOD of General Management & HR at ISBR Business School, expressing gratitude to the panelists, moderators, dignitaries, and attendees for making the event a success. Overall, the event reaffirmed ISBR’s commitment to providing students with real-world exposure and fostering meaningful connections between academia and industry.