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The inception of a journey is as important as the journey itself. The beginning of the voyage of life acts as a guide for sailing through the deep waters. We at ISBR believe that prominence should not only be accorded to reaching the desired destination but also to the fact that how utterly important it is to pick up promising students.

A chick inside the egg is protected by its mother, the bird makes sure to provide the chick with the required environment so that the chick can grow and turn into a hatchling. The hatchling just born then faces difficulty in even opening its eyes yet alone walk. After this, the hatchling stage is transmuted into the nestling stage where the bird starts moving and this is the stage where it opens its eyes and after this stage the bird finally flies. All while long until the bird takes its first flight, the mother keeps it protected and trains it so that it can be able to face the world. Just like that, we at ISBR, give our students the required atmosphere so that they can acquire the required knowledge, be it theoretical or practical, validate their skills and acquire new ones and be able to interact with the corporate world, so that when they are finally ready to fly, they can soar high towards the pinnacle of success.

The outset predicts the path, the distance to cover, the challenges that can come in the way, and the innate ability of a person to surpass these challenges.

Not every person is same, different people possess different qualities, and not every profession is suitable for everyone. Some people’s career decisions are based not on their strengths and their inclination towards a career rather they are based on the kind of money that specific career has to offer and this is where they go wrong. A highly creative person taking up a mundane job would just lead him/her to frustration. This is why, when we select our students, we make sure that the student has what it takes to be a PGDM student. And when the selection is done, we work on harnessing them by exposing them to a vast sea of learning opportunities.



Thursday, 1st September 2022 to Monday, 31st September 2022


ISBR Business School
#107, Electronics City - Phase I
Bangalore - 560100

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