women's day celebration at ISBR

Vina sthriya jananam nasthi,vina sthriya gamanam nasthi,vina sthriya jivam nasthi,vina sthriya srushti yavam nasthi” –meaning “without women there is no birth, without women there  is no growth ,without women there is no life, in-fact world without women is unimaginable.”

Our country has witnessed the importance of women since ancient time and its reflection can clearly be seen. From Aadiparashakti (the mother-goddess) to today’s Sudha Murthy, every era belonged to women and they proved by their deeds that how important they are in running the world. Through their love, care, affection and responsibility women have been equally and efficiently maintained the balance between work life and personal life which is an art gifted by almighty to women. Few people under some false perceptions try to underestimate women by thinking them socially weak and deprived, but those people forget the fact that women has excelled and proved in each and every field whether it is sports, art, warfare, administration, intelligence or intellect. We have witnessed the valour of Rani of Jhansi, intellect of Gargi and Ubhayabharatidevi, music by MS subbulakshmi , administration by Indira Gandhi and the most recent happening … Olympic medal by P.V.Sindhu and many more. These examples are enough to show the potential of women and the level of support given by their families.

ISBR believes in the power of women and would always try to encourage talents irrespective of gender. Many important positions are held by women here in ISBR and with the support of other staff members they strive hard and have become a lifeline for success since 26 years.

With the very concept of showing due respect to the selfless and hard work done by these angels on earth, ISBR has organised a programme on the eve of “Women’s Day” on 8-03-2017.

Mrs. Suja Warrier- senior member of CSR team at Infosys; Mrs.Geeta Suresh- Head of HR, Moog,  Mrs.  Shalini Murthy- Managing Partner, Erkaadi Systems and a former member of ELCIA   were invited as chief guests along with Dr. Chandra Niranjan –Dean Academics- ISBR, Dr. T. Karpagam-Director academics at ISBR.

The event started formally by the addresses and messages of the respected dignitaries where- in they shared the significance and contribution of women to the society with the support of men.

Mrs. Suja Warrier shared her experience during her earlier days in Assam where- in she was invited to address an event at a remote village which didn’t  even had the privilege of being electrified even after these so many years of independence.  She said “Even in such adverse condition where electricity and transport are a great problem, women over this area contribute a lot during this particular day to the society which shows that they are nowhere less than a man.”

According to Mrs Shalini Murthy , “Men and women have different roles but same rights.” She further added “Be fearless and refuse to be a victim.”

Mrs. Geetha Suresh shared her past life experience during the days when she used to hesitate to talk to her parents openly about her career and then she compared it with present scenario where her daughter is completely open to her in every matter depicting the change- over in generation. According to her, “CHANGE has to be with-in. We have to look where do we come from and where we belong to.” This was a powerful and a motivating message.

Moving forward Dr.Chandra and Dr. Karpagam consolidated in their speeches that Men and women are two sides of the same coin and there should not be any line distinguishing them. They insisted that both men’s day and women’s day to be celebrated together every-day, both are incomplete without each other.

This formal gathering was concluded by Mr. Sowmya Ranjan with a powerful message to men “Be real men and respect women.”  This had a great impact on audience.

The formal gathering was succeeded by the power-packed performance of ISBR students. Mind blowing dance performances and singing performances lured the audience and took them to the exciting entertainment mode. To carry on this energy from the stage to the audience a game similar to musical chair was played. Most of the performances were based on the themes depicting significance of women as a mother, sister, daughter, wife or friend.

If seen normally, it is a common event as other events which goes in the college generally but when seen from heart with feel we can realize the theme “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata” (Manusmruti)- meaning “ Where ever women is revered and respected, there is prosperity and divinity”.

With this note ISBR salutes each and every women with due respect.


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