What Makes ISBR MBA Unique?

In an interconnected economy, as an MBA aspirant, you need a global perspective to help your organization secure a competitive advantage. With a focus on strategic leadership, our MBA program with a strong legacy of 26 years prepares you to lead organizations in a business world that are increasingly competitive and complex. Our MBA Program is offered by the University of Mysore which is assessed with an A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), approved by UGC, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India, and Member of AIU. Through a range of features, our MBA program encourages you to think innovatively, to spot and seize opportunities and to bring about effective change.

Location advantage 

ISBR Business School Bangalore is located in Electronic City, which is amongst the fastest growing locality in Bangalore with a huge industrial base of more than 300 companies. We recognize the needs of industrial visits and address it through the frequent visits to industries. It permits the students to rise up skills apart from a textual curriculum.

Mentorship Program

ISBR in its efforts towards scaling up student development function and towards enhancing the competencies of students to be better learners and performers in academic, co-curricular, assessment and placement has designed a ‘Mentorship Program’. This program establishes Mentor – Mentee relationship which facilitates development process in an orderly manner with an outcome-oriented approach. MBA students are mentored by acclaimed faculty on a regular basis to monitor and assist students on their wholesome developments. Mentees gain valuable advice in developing knowledge and skills, improve communication skills, learn new perspectives, build networks and advance in their career.  We also assist students to understand the value of self-disclosure, and encourage them to give and accept constructive feedback by explaining the idea of Johari Window. This helps students to build better, more trusting relationships with one another, solve issues, and work more effectively as a team.

Organizational Study

The organizational study is designed to provide holistic development for the students about the organisational structure, process and practice wherein they are introduced to the functional areas which can help them connect theory with practice before they are exposed to the specialization. Recently students got the opportunity to work with some of the great companies like GE Healthcare, Bosch, Volvo, Wipro etc under organizational study.

Clubs & Activities

With 8+ clubs to choose from, students are certain to find one that matches their interests or simply sparks curiosity. Some of the interesting clubs such as writer’s club, case study club, innovation cell etc sponsor a vibrant array of activities on campus. Recently, students from Finance Cell and Cultural Cell conducted MS Excel workshop and Rangoli competition respectively which brought together like-minded students to bond on their common interest.

Guest Lecture Series

The Guest lecture series at ISBR is accomplished solely by the students of ISBR. Students work independently discovering potential speakers from various sectors and identifying subjects of interest. Today, over 150+ programmes have been successfully conducted with prominent speakers such as Padma Bhushan Prof. N. S. Ramaswamy, Mr. Bijou Kurien, and Mr. C. Terence Sagayaraj and many more.

Microcosm Atmosphere

ISBR has students from across the globe which represents the vast cultural diversity of our country and even international countries. Students learn to live and blend in a cosmopolitan culture with a diversified group of students where each culture is taken forward and each festival such as Christmas, Diwali, Pongal , Halloween and more are celebrated in full spirit.

Career Growth Potential

You can expect your lucrative break in the corporate world in Bangalore where 950+ corporate giants like Texas Instruments, CISCO, and IBM have made their home. It opens a plethora of avenues in – marketing, sales, human resources, finance, operations, logistics and supply chain management where you can head start your career as an IT Manager, Financial Manager, HR Manager, and Financial Advisor etc.

Entrepreneurial Culture

At ISBR, we foster entrepreneurial culture environment where students are motivated to innovate, create and take risks. We work towards to build a culture of big ideas and leadership where our students take what they learn in class and use their creativity and critical-thinking skills to drive change. We also have a rich history of students whose ingenious projects were backed and approved by the esteemed judges who believed in their vision and passion.

 Placement & Internship

ISBR works closely with students on a personal basis to support their career planning and prepares them for that next important step in their business career. Our 100 % placement record attests to the quality of our students and the strong relationships we maintain with a wide variety of leading global organizations like Morgan & Stanley, KPMG, 3M, Zelo, Birla Sun Life, Airtel, Café Coffee Day etc. We conduct workshops, pre-placement talks which help students to develop critical thinking and effective decision-making skills that they can bring back to the organization. We also provide secure internships that give students a ‘real’ flavor of the industry.

Enhance your leadership skills. Become an entrepreneur or consider a career change – wherever you’re headed, our MBA program will help you get there. To sum it up, it’s a unique opportunity to give your career a head start.

To know more about MBA / PGDM Programs and admissions, please contact Program Co ordinator at -7019910173 or mail to info@isbr.in.

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