WTC Visit by ISBR MBA and PGDM students

 “DREAM is not that you see in sleep, DREAM is something that does not let you sleep” – quoted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam holds good to every single being who “DREAMS”, especially to the Millennial Generation who are at the verge of deciding the future of the country by their significant contributions. Hard-work, dedication, enthusiasm, commitment etc. are the driving forces which force an individual to accomplish his goals and to fulfil his dream in a productive manner. In order to generate these driving forces some instigation is definitely needed. This instigation would ignite the spark of hope and pave a way for thinking in a right direction. In-short it would create an outline in the mind of the dreamer of how to drive towards his dream.

‘ISBR’ being one amongst the top business schools in India, promotes the culture of real life learning by facilitating the young aspiring minds with an eminent industrial exposure. ISBR is   embedded with the able and most efficient team of facilitators who guide the students’ time-to-time and encourage them to express their ideas in a creative manner.

Organising Industrial visits, International conferences, C-Talks, Panel discussions etc. are methods adopted by the facilitators to inculcate the above mentioned instigation factors in the ‘future managers’.

Visit to WTC (World Trade Center) –Bengaluru was no less than a dream. Almost most of the people in this world are familiar with the word ‘WTC (U.S.)’ but the saddest part is that they remember it because of 9/11 attacks. A fewer section of people has a fair idea that it as a platform where in trade is encouraged and transactions are done and try to link only with ‘monetary’ transactions. The varied concepts and the incidents revolving around the term “WTC” makes the young minds more curious to know about it. But it is not so easy to reach out WTC directly and attain the required knowledge which makes it a more challenging for the students.

In-order to quench the curious minds and to guide them in a right way ISBR organised a visit to WTCB located in BRIGADE Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram -West on March 22, 2017. WTCB was built by BRIGADE group in 2010 who obtained WTCA licence for its construction. It is privileged to become Second WTC in India after Mumbai and is a renowned commercial building of South India. The first glimpse of this gigantic building made the students even more curious. Then they moved forth to the royal entrance with world -class infrastructure and well equipped and implemented security systems. Further, they were guided to the conference room located at the 4th floor. The continuously running news updates in the lift from ground floor to 4th floor thought them a golden lesson as they could realise the level in which time is utilised in such organisations.

A warm welcome was given by Mr. Ratul Bhattacharya, BDM WTC – Bangalore and Mr. Anil. They guided the visitors to the conference room. Mr. Balaram Menon, President of WTC – Bangalore, Kochi & Pune and Dr. Bose K Nair – Vice President WTC – Bangalore, Kochi & Pune formally addressed the gathering. Mr. Menon in spite of his busy schedule took the lead and introduced about WTC. He touched upon various topics like origin of WTCB, its role and functions, problems being faced by today’s world due to strong Nationalistic feelings and its negative impacts which is enforcing the history to repeat itself again. Dr. Menon said, “The motto of WTC is not only to promote trade in monetary aspects but also facilitate exchange of knowledge, culture and ideas.” He further added, “WTCB provides 5 main services:

 1) Knowledge Resource services.

2)  Trade dedication (technical & non-technical).

 3) Management of Inbound and Outbound delegation.

4) Global platform to facilitate trade.

5) Create business space.

These services are provided with minimal involvement of government and its policies least affecting WTC functions.” The inputs by Mr. Menon acted as eye opener and helped in combating with the misconceptions about WTC that prevailed previously.

Adding on to Mr. Menon’s view Mr. Bose created an insight amongst the students by discussing about Goal, Passion and their importance in the life of a being. He shared Dr. M. Viswesvaryya’s dream and his proposal to have a WTC in India. He discussed the then situations of our country and threw some light on how LPG policy of 1992 promoted trade extensively in our country. He further deliberated the efforts of Dr. Jayashankar of Brigade group in bringing WTC to Bengaluru and bringing it to operation within short span of time. Mr. Bose added “WTC is non-profit organisation. We don’t charge any commission for the trade. Unlike corporate institutes we believe in ‘word of mouth’ promotion rather than going for advertising in renowned papers or channels. WTC is like a business shopping center. At the risk of the trader WTC provides support and ideas.”

He then further exposed the Gap between ‘Campus and Corporate’ and gave his views on how to encourage student entrepreneurs and role of WTC in facilitating them.

After giving all necessary inputs he let the stage open for Q&A session. Mr. Bose along with Mr. Ratul patiently answered the queries patiently. They answered relating the questions to personal experiences for better understanding. Students got satisfied answers for all their queries. They not only got clarity about WTC but also got advices of how to choose a career how to work with passion to achieve the goals and also got to know about trends in todays’ global market. This interactive session lasted for more than an hour and was followed by refreshments.

 Students were seen lightened up with new glow on their faces as a result of this wonderful session. Their joy knew no bounds. A new zeal of enthusiasm was seen in them depicting the significance of this visit. Faculty in-charge Prof. Nanaiah (Industry-Interactions), Mr. Sowmyaranjan (Co-ordinator), Mr. Prakash (Registrar) equally took the responsibilities to co-ordinate the students time to time and made the dream visit more fruitful.

This is just a beginning. ISBR aims to encourage more and more dream visits to create responsible managers who with their intellect contribute to the nation in a better way and achieve the DREAM of the nation.


– PGDM (2016-18)

Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club

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