Visit to Bangalore Stock Market Institute

  • Addressed by Mr. Kishore a senior veteran employee working in the field of Stock Market for past many years.
  • Gave a brief summary of The Indian Stock Market consisting of a total of 22 Stock Exchanges at the present with the most recent one being set-up  MCX-SX. Also talked about its regulatory body SEBI acting as a cat-eye to the entire Stock Market.
  • Gave an outlay of the chances i.e. the risk of winning or losing in a Stock Market as an investor. For, out of about a total of 8000 companies altogether chances of winning could possibly be 1/8000=0.000125
  • Pointed on some important  steps required to identify the companies to invest upon:
  1. Infrastructure Analysis
  2. Company Analysis
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Ratio Analysis
  5. Director’s Report
  • Besides these also to look at the “Fundamental and Technical Analysis” by an investor to determine the best time as when or when not to invest on a stock.
  • Listed few Companies that have a stable flair in the Stock Market and low risk to invest upon as:-
  1. Deltacarp
  2. Bajaj
  4. ITC
  5. UB Group
  6. Britannia
  7. Shubh Jewellers
  8. Yes Bank

Finally it ended up with a very lively activity where four of us including me were chosen to act as brokers of Individual Companies listed under the Stock Market hived by a large number of investors (rest of the students) who were to sell and buy shares with respect to change in prices and so on & so forth. Actually the whole framework of this activity was to practically drop us into a field of the Real Stock Market.

Lively session, smartly addressed and something genuine to grab upon.

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