Visit to Art Of Living Ashram, Bangalore

Art Of Living Ashram visit On 21st July 2016, ISBRís MBA students(2016- 18) visited Art Of Living (AOL) Ashram at Bangalore, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as part of their orientation program. Students were first escorted to Vishalakshi Mandal where they were told how focus and relaxation are interlinked. Ms Upasana, an instructor from AOL involved students in various activities as well as guided students for yoga and meditation. She asked students to take a step towards healthy living to energize life force energy.

Students received Prasad ( satvik lunch) at Annapoorna Bhojanalaya, where employees as well as visitors have lunch together. The good thing was that students and everyone cleaned their own plates.

In afternoon, at Panchakarma, students got to know about farming and its importance as well as the disadvantages of using plastics. They also visited Goshala with 375 cows and 50 bulls.

At the end, Students were also taken to Sri Sri Science Ayurvedic Hospital founded in the memory of Gurujiís father Sri Rathanam where treatment is done at nominal cost.

Its been a great learning experience for students as they look forward to start their professional journey.

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