VIHAAN-The new beginning, PGDM (2017-19) Batch Inauguration

“A student learns a quarter from the teacher, a quarter from own intelligence, a quarter from fellow friends, and rest in course of time.”

ISBR – Business school since its establishment has been providing the platform wherein one can learn from teachers, apply his own intelligence, interact with peers and can have sufficient time to feel the experience and enhance the knowledge.

Inauguration of every new batch is a new beginning both for the enthusiastic students, parents, well- wishers as well as for the ISBR family. It has been 27 years since ISBR held the realms of providing quality education with real life and real learning but still, it never let its hold go loose.

ISBR has been accelerating positively every year and has been striving for the betterment of its students, thus contributing valuable gems to the society. Its efforts and glory can be clearly identified by the number of admissions that happened for the batch of 2017-2019 which is almost double the batch size of the year 2016-2018.

15 July 2017 was the auspicious day which brought down all the to-be stars of ISBR to the auditorium where- in they were welcomed with great warmth. They were congratulated and motivated by the dignitaries thus formally incorporating them in the ocean of knowledge named ‘ISBR’.

The inaugural program was arranged in a grand manner. It was really an honour to have Sri G Kumar Naik ( Vice-President, Bangalore Management Association, MD, Karnataka Power Corporation Limited) as Chief guest, Prof. N Ravi IFS(Retd) (IIM-B) as Guest of honour along with Mr. Manish Kothari (MD –ISBR), Dr. K. S. Anandram ( Senior Director, ISBR), Dr. C Manohar (Dean-ISBR), Dr Chandra Niranjan ( Dean, Finishing School-ISBR), Dr. T. Karpagam (Director Academics- ISBR) and all the faculty members. Corporate leaders of companies such as Wipro, eBeam, and InRootz also graced the occasion.

Dr. Anandram gave the welcome speech and made the students realize the importance of ‘3Es’ (Employment, Empowerment and Enhancement) in one’s successful career.

Followed by Dr. Anandram, Dr. C. Manohar said: “ISBR is the platform which makes you self-sufficient to such extent that you need not follow the jobs instead jobs would follow you.” He motivated the students and filled the room with flowers of joy.

Honorable Chief Guest Sri G Kumar Naik enlightened the students by imparting them the knowledge about the origin of management studies, history, and its current position. He also threw light on how Banglore emerged as the hub of both public and private sector and how lucky one is to be in Banglore that too at this turning point of life.He recalled Gandhiji’s quote “ We all are trustees of Nation.” And asked the new seedlings of ISBR to take the responsibility and contribute to the nation.

Dr. Chandra Niranjan then addressed the gathering and gave the students the following skills to be inculcated in them to be successful:

“Before you talk- listen, before you speak- think, before you criticize- wait, before you spend- earn”.

Further, Prof N Ravi shared his experiences in life and shared his views about the innovations around the world and advised the students to utilize every opportunity at ISBR and to become pioneers of innovation.

Magic man of ISBR Mr. Manish Kothari assured parents that the students would be engaged in the activities throughout the tenure at ISBR. ISBR being in electronic city industrial exposure becomes the obvious plus point. He also assured that entire course would be beyond class room program and would aim in the overall development of the students as a whole. He then concluded by sharing the story about how the young boy who never knew to take a single bucket of water was able to help out an older guy in the time of need, depicting the power of inner voice which is audible in absence of societal pressures. Through this story, he requested students to develop an intellect and bring out their best throughout the life.

This magnificent gathering was concluded by the vote of thanks by Dr. Karpagam, followed by delicious lunch served for the guests.

ISBR wishes all the new young talents all the best and hopes that they utilize the resources efficiently for their betterment as well as for up-keeping the standards and valor of the rising sun of ISBR. Thus this is just a beginning and there are many yet to come.

Contributed by- Sreedhar Darba

PGDM( 2016- 18)

Member of ISBR Writer’s & Media Club


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