Valentine’s Day

Students of ISBR came together and celebrated Valentine ’s Day in their own special way.  The students were in a jubilant mood and turned up in large numbers in their colorful best .The event was named as “ARMASTUS” which in Estonian means “ LOVE”. The cultural club along with the Emcee’s  AbhishekSawant and Sreeja Chandran entertained the students with several cultural programs and game shows through the event. The day started with bay decoration by students and was followed by the various singing and dance performances by the students. The other attractions included activities like paper dance, balloon dance and buzz your brain which set the ball rolling for the fun filled celebration.

 Professors also participated with equal enthusiasm and gave the students a run for their money.  The centre of attraction of this event were the decorations conceptualized by Pragati Ray and Tijo Chacko along with the jukebox dedications where students dedicated songs for each other and celebrated valentine’s day in its true spirit. The students also participated in the fascinating ramp walk where the theme was Dress to Impress. PriyaNimbalkar was the winner for the fashion show organized at the event.  Naveen Natarajan won the online competition for maximum likes on his quote on Armastus page of facebook which stated “ Love makes life Beautiful  — Mom I thought you are the beautiful woman in the world but she came to overtake you “ . Swetha Singh and Sakshi Maheshwari won the twins competition where they were judged by the panel for wearing similar outfits with matching accessories. The event ended with an open dance floor where the students grooved to the music and danced to the last beat.

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