Two Weeks Orientation Program Report- PGDM 2017

15 July 2017 marked a new beginning in the chapters of ISBR Business School with the oncoming of new students. The reputation of this institute has grown tremendously over the last 27 years as they strive for excellence every year. This year ISBR Business School had rolled out a two-week long induction program, with the idea to bridge the gap that students face while making the transition to professional courses like PGDM.

1.Video Review Session: On the very first day, the class was taken by Prof. Nanaiah Pattada who possesses immense industrial exposure, having worked for a wide spectrum of market and industries. He gave the students real time scenario of it. Students were exposed to video review sessions; the entire class was filled with energy, as Mr. Nanaiah believed in learning through exchange of thoughts.

2. Visit To Art OF Living: Next day we had a visit to Art Of Living. Dr. AnniArnav and Prof. Prabha Kiran accompanied us. What could we possibly learn at a yoga center? Well, it set an example on how effectively and efficiently a place that huge can run without much hindrance. It was also home to India’s mega kitchen as it feeds thousands of people each day.
Our learning went onto technological frontiers as we witnessed water recycling and bio gas plants. Resource management was highlighted by these plants. 

3. Parichay – Lead Yourself: The third day we were back to our classroom as another workshop was arranged for us. Parichay: “Lead yourself” is a signature program exclusively delivered by Ms. Preeja Sreedhar, Faculty HR and Corporate Trainer for the freshers as a part of the orientation program. The program started with ice-breakers and setting expectations of the audience. The workshop focused on the importance of understanding “Self” and the power to relate intra – personal communication with inter- personal communication.The objective of the workshop was to acclimatize the newbies with the importance of soft skills in the contemporary times and create an awareness of the impending challenges in today’s world. The methodology opted was lecture, case analysis, video reviews and role playing.

4. Visit to Akshay Patra- Mega Kitchen:  As the days progressed our thirst for knowledge increased. ISKCON was our second Industrial visit. Here we saw the functionality of Akshaya Patra a kitchen that produces 9500 meals in five hours every single day. The smooth functionality of this unit was marked by rigid established process. We also understood the logistic aspect of supplying food in time to all government school locations.


5. Innovation and creativity Workshop: Innovation and creativity have become mandatory in the present world. Mr.Pavan Soni, an established entrepreneur, and innovation Evangelist conducted an entire day workshop urging us to think and innovate.
Students set out to do the market survey, so as to bring a profitable solution to everyday problems.
6. Industrial Visit to Decathlon: Finally the last industrial visit of the induction program was planned at Decathlon. We got to know about the Supply chain management at Decathlon and how the logistics had to be kept in close check to allow smooth sailing of goods to the retailers.

It was a wonderful exposure that all of us had. This concluded the first week of induction. The next week was awaiting us filled with fun activities that led us to discover ourselves.

Mr. Deepak Justin, Corporate Trainer and a motivational speaker engaged us for the next five days. He was an inspiration to all of us. Over the week DJ expressed to us the importance of being bold and facing the problems up front by giving an analogy of chicken, duck, and ostrich as a demonstration. He prompted us to let go of our stage fear. Icebreaker activity was held where every single person was asked to stand on the stage and talk for three minutes. We could feel the fear vanish and soon the stage became our alley. Role-play was done to demonstrate the core values of a leader; here we learned various types of leadership style which exist ranging from autocratic to charismatic. Then all of us got a chance to show our gratitude to the society by performing CSR activity. Some went to slums to teach the poor, few others broke the social stigma and cleaned public toilets and remaining students spread happiness at an orphanage. All of us had so much of joy for being the reason for someone’s smile. At the final stage of this workshop, we realized how well we have bonded with each other irrespective of existing social diversity.

The final day was concluded by valedictory function, which was all arranged and managed by all of us. Yes, we were transformed and were capable of handling the function all by our self.

We thank ISBR Business School for having taken such initiative that brought wonderful transformation into us.

– ISBR Writer’s & Media Club

PGDM ( 2017- 19)






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