Trip to the Land of Delights and Land of Big Buildings

Most memorable moments…

BLOW THE VUVUZELA. We say the world is here when we see smile in different facets. A trip to Malaysia & Singapore had something which we can’t ever forget. The happiness & excitement was all above par. Holding every breathe, waving our eyes through every window of the flight searching for an island of delights, an island of myth and the island to shop till the last penny left in the pocket. At the end of our journey it was the moment of pride that we had 10 amazing days to spend time with our friends.

University of Malaya was the first destination, with the empathic goal to have strong relationship with ISBR & Malaya University. It was a very valuable interaction with teachers of the university. I heard a new term called MBA in ‘ISLAMIC FINANCE’, it is for people who have done their Islamic studies in graduation.

Next move: High 5 bread factory. We were amazed to see the decoration and above all the love towards the bread. This company is the brain child of Silverbird group food chain giants. We had Industrial visits in CNI factory and few more in Singapore. Genting Highland was the ultimate fun. We were wondering are we in a place where even clouds can play with us and only way to reach highland it is just “Cable car”.

We reached Singapore, the land of big buildings where things can happen with high myths and Chinese mythology. Singapore brought the fun factor when we reached “Santosa Island” it was the time when we had joy and only joy. We had the best of 4D max and lots more. It was enchanting to see the Songs of the Sea. It is an experience which cannot be expressed through words.

I am really thankful to ISBR B-School which gave me an opportunity to see all these places and also made a difference in my life.

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