Tips to Have an Incredible College Experience

College life at ISBR

College days are the most memorable years of one’s life. But you have to put some efforts for ensuring the most out of this wonderful experience. There is a lot that can go in the making of a great college experience. It varies from student to student based upon personal choices.

A holistic college life ensures that you are able to strike a balance between hectic studies and other extra-curricular and co-curricular activities so that you do not miss out on other interesting aspects of an all-round college experience.

Here are some of the things you can follow while at college to ensure a truly memorable experience of life at campus. This list tries to cover all that happens at college, from classes to clubs to sports, so that you can ensure you make the most out of your entire college experience.

To make it different, let us start from the reverse i.e. your living space (hostel room) and then travel back to the classrooms.

Make The Most Out of Your Hostel Life

1.      The first and the foremost thing to ensure at campus is a clean and healthy environment at hostel. Hostels are generally the area where most of the cross cultural learning happen. It is also a place where your interdependence skills are put to test quite often. While you are living in the hostels, it is helpful to keep your rooms set in order to facilitate a holistic learning environment.

As you walk through the hostel premises, stop by and say hello to your seniors or peers from other courses to build familiarity and a spirit of camaraderie. It is an easy way to make friends and welcome people to make conversation and share experiences when they normally would hesitate to do so. Follow hostel rules not just to ensure discipline but to experience a greater sense of responsibility towards the freedom given to enjoy campus life, a trait which will help you to undertake challenging responsibilities as a business leader in future.

 Join Student Clubs and Other Extra and Co-Curricular Activities

2.   Great College experience is an amalgamation of fun and learning. You should plan your schedule to create an interesting mix of fun and studies by joining students clubs and conduits that provide an outlet to unwind and re-energize yourself as well as add value to managerial tools and concepts learnt in the class.  Consider participating in different sports activities to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is also a      great way to meet people and make new friends and build team spirit.

The best thing about life at campus is that it provides equal opportunities of experiential learning to all the students. Although classroom sessions and group assignments are scheduled to keep you busy the whole day, however there is also ample scope to pursue your areas of interest through extracurricular activities and other events organized by the college. During free time, you must make best use of the sports infrastructure available at college. So, on one hand you can rejuvenate yourselves by playing cricket, badminton and football etc. in the college grounds, while on the other hand can keep yourselves engage with student activities to organize exciting events such as quiz, sports tournaments, debates, theatre etc. Involve yourself in at least one major event of your college or do some volunteering work for a social cause. Participation in these activities also help in developing requisite managerial skills. In this way you can spend your favourite pastime in a much more meaningful and productive way.

Enjoy Life at Campus by Visiting Usual Places on Occasions to Hangout 

3.    Hangouts with friends during college days are the most memorable experiences of all. They add to a vibrant college life and create an enabling environment conducive for learning and sharing. A normal eventful day is mostly followed by usual hangouts in the evening after dinner within campus premises. College canteen is also a popular hangout place for boys and girls alike. Many students can be seen chit-chatting around these places before calling it a day. One can witness a carnival like atmosphere in and around such areas wherein everyone irrespective of their courses can be seen enjoying in unison. Such vibrant living in the college builds memories to cherish throughout your life and also helps in creating lifelong bonds of friendship.

Have Frequent Discussions with Your Faculty / Academic Mentors

4.      The bond that you form with your professors is sometimes even more crucial than the ones that you form with your peers. They are like your guardians. The rapport that you build with your professors can be very helpful even after you graduate. Their wisdom and experience can prove to be a guiding light throughout your career. Organize informal discussions with your faculty mentors to know them better.

Make good use of their rich industry experience to solicit guidance not only on subject matters but also to develop requisite skills for performing future job roles. Develop a performance matrix with their help to monitor and measure your progress in college. Take an active role in your learning process both inside and outside the class. Take out some time for after class discussions with your professors. They enjoy post class conversations too. Professors who know you better will be able to help you out more effectively in matters related to personal and professional growth. So, keep in touch with them.

Utilize Campus Facilities to the Fullest

5.     A good campus infrastructure is regarded as an enabler for fostering academic learning and overall development of students. Most college campuses are usually equip with state-of-the-art facilities related to library, sports, computer labs and all other kinds of extra-curricular and recreational activities. It would be beneficial to explore such facilities early to experience an enriching life at college.

Stay Fit, Stay Fine

6.      Over and above all this, for having an incredible college experience and lasting success in career one must possess good health. The road to healthy life is often tiresome but if you want to lay the foundation of a rewarding and long lasting career then you must cultivate the habit of working out every day and leading a routine life. And what best place could it be to start other than your college. A healthy lifestyle in college will surely help to optimize your preparation for a fast-changing world after completing studies. You will feel prepared both mentally and physically to handle any kind of pressure that life throws your way.

The college campus is a place where students come to gain knowledge. It is also a place where all students are provided a level playing field to realize their dreams. Full range of institutional facilities are equally available to all the students across educational streams / programs.

The key to enjoying an incredible college life therefore will largely depend on your ability to think positively with an open mind to make the best use of learnings acquired at college. There will be times when you will be required to adapt to new situations. Classes can become boring if you do not innovate your schedule and fill your daily routine with interesting activities.

Get up and act because you won’t be able to go back in time and undo things later.

So go ahead, embrace your campus time with open arms and make it some of the best years of your life.


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