Three Wise Men

Karnataka Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde            Padmabhushan Prof. N. S. “Cartman” Ramaswamy


How many times in your life have you had the chance of listening to a Chief Justice, a Padmabhushan and an accomplished speaker on the same day…? ISBR had this privilege on the day of May 4th 2009.

ISBR organized and hosted the Leadership Development Program under the theme of “Relevance of India’s Ancient Thoughts and Wisdom, Art and Spirituality in Management.” The speakers included Lokayukta Chief Justice N. Santosh Hegde, Padmabhushan Prof. N. S. Ramaswamy and Mr. Gururaj, a counselor & a Trainer. The session aimed at introducing the wisdom of forefathers into the current scenario through the primary medium of academicians who teach us the nitty-gritties of management.

Karnataka Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde

Here is a man who had led good governance and administration by setting examples. A former Judge at the Supreme Court of India, Mr. Hegde today dedicates his life to bringing Transparency and Accountability to the State Government System. Lokayuktas were appointed in every state to address citizen grievances by investigating into administrative actions taken by or on behalf of State Government or certain public authorities. These institutions were intended to serve as institutions independent of the Government concerned and as institutions to supplement the judicial institutions headed by Chief Justices or Judges of Supreme Court of India or High Court of the State. And who better than Mr. Hedge to hold the office.

Mr. Hegde started his key-note by setting the context ofIndiachoosing to form the Democratic Republic System composed of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary components. But along the way what plagued us Legislature took over the formation and running of government and Executive became subservient to those. The Cabinet form of government resulted in poorer and highly corrupt institution with loose cheques and balances. Bureaucrats (Executives) and Politicians (Legislators) leveraged one another’s vested interests at the cost of the citizens who apparently were their masters. Unfortunately, bureaucracy has today become money-cracy. He opines that unless we and our generation acts fact, corruption shall undermine the very fabric of our Indian culture and strength.His department is out there to contain some of the problems that we pose today. Starting with public declaration of one’s assets and liabilities, to having a very strong vigilance system, to laying strict actions, the Office of Lakayukta is surely bringing the change. But as obvious as it seems that a sizable change would only be possible if we choose to not involve ourselves in corruption and hone Good Governance and Behavior ourselves. To start with, No Bribe to the Traffic Police. A very powerful, well received and encouraging speech from the Times Karnataka Person of the Year 2009..

Padmabhushan Prof. N. S. “Cartman” Ramaswamy

 The smiling old man with a flowing beard and utterly simple ways is the Founder Director of IIM Bangalore and the Founder Director ofIndianHeritageAcademyamong other titles. Prof. Ramaswamy is one of the most respected academicians inIndiatoday. Apart from heading many national level committees, the government recognized him as the National Research Professor in Management, for his contribution to the field of management study inIndiaand social work. And he is the only living Indian to hold this title-1 man in 1.2 billion and growing.In his view, Management is in all of us. It is the conscience of making decision. It is in a doctor, as much in a mother, as much in a policeman or a politician. And being a teacher of Management Education is a noble charter. It is only in the Indian civilization that a teacher is regarded greater than even God…He went talking on Applied Spirituality and impressed upon the concept of Duality and Relativity in life. Not on the scientific dimension but more on the human angle that while everything is inside our mind, we still need to appreciate the ACT. As for this act that we achieve the real purpose of life – Creating Happiness for oneself and for others around.His principles include: Give More – Take Less; Be a multi faceted person such that you keep yourself engaged all the time; Learn from others as much; and always remember – everything is relative in life. He elaborated on the journey from a Adhyapaka to Guru, through the stages of Upadhaya- Vidwan/ Pandit- Acharya in his very own seriously comic and unparalleled style. In his view Guru is one who removes ignorance and inspires to achieve big and when his students becomes better than himself.

Mr. Gururaj, A counselor & a Trainer

The man does not hold any big titles or accolades unlike his peers for the day. But he undoubtedly held the audience with his gift of words. Not often do we hear someone delivering the perfect message so effortlessly and easily that you hit yourself for not having realized it in all these years. His talk on personality and ways towards development provided a fitting semi-final to the day. The issues of behavioral habits and methods of improvement alongside the best practices were discovered in the talk.The grand-finale was the Nrutyotsav. Here, the students of ISBR did bring in the music and melody but the true rhythm was delivered by the very accomplished Prof. Preeja Sridhar – the mentor of the LDP and the Faculty Head of ISBR Writers‘ Club. The Bharathanatyam performance delivered by her to the tune of Prof. Roshany Unnikrishnan voice, an accomplished singer herself, provided the fitting and memorable surprise to end the day. Undoubtedly, the day provided a learning worth a century while having us revisit our roots. What better way to learn re-visit the principles of management. To sum it up… “A mesmerizing experience…”

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