The Time Ticks 24 x 7

In an interview with ISBR Voice, Times Now’s Editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, talks to Priyakshi Dutta about the importance of staying focused, striving to excel and contributing, in our own unique ways,towards the nation-building process.

Q: Your news channel is understood to be the most popular. How do you ensure it stays so?

 A: We have great responsibility towards our viewers and since we have such a large audience, it has been our constant endeavour at Times Now to ensure we stay completely neutral as a channel. We bring news without any bias or prejudice, in a way that the ethics of journalism are never violated. In our business, credibility and integrity are all that matter. We are honest and credible.That is why we are popular today and that is what, we believe, will help us stay so.

Q: There must always be so much happening inside that newsroom, so much pressure. How do you ensure your team stays motivated and is able to deliver with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment every day?

 A: Television news is one of the most high-pressure jobs in the media industry. Media itself is considered as one of the most demanding of professions. Indeed, it is a big challenge to keep people motivated 24/7, 365 days of the year. I do so by giving my team a clear sense of the bigger picture, by making them believe what they are doing contributes to not just the channel but to the country’s democracy. An independent media ensures democracy remains vibrant and vital. By ensuring our channel remains dynamic, sensitive and spirited, we feel we are doing our own little bit to keep democracy alive. I constantly tell my team, each of them is playing a role inthe development of the nation. I believe that gives them a higher purpose and that purpose is what keeps them motivated.

Q. Being famous is not always easy. Does negative publicity bother you?

 A: It is normal for some people to like you and for some others to not like you as much. When you are a visible person in the television medium, it is natural that with bouquets, there will, occasionally, be brickbats as well. I think that is healthy. It is natural for different people to have different takes on what I do or how I do things. I don’t think I am famous but I do think criticism should be welcome as long as it is healthy and constructive.

Q. What has been your success mantra?

 A: Constantly working hard and never taking the channel’s number one position for granted. I have always believed if you work with the mindset and commitment of a number two, striving for the top slot, it is more likely you will remain number one. The moment you take your leadership position for granted, you will lose your numero uno position. Therefore, I work doubly hard to ensure our audience stays with us.

Q. A word of advice for youngsters?

 A: Watch the news and do everything that you can in your own little ways to ensure the independence of our country’s media is never trampled upon. Media cannot live without people support. The youth of this country should return to watching news in larger numbers. That iswhat will keep media alive and help people like me to do our jobs better.


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