The Future of On-Campus Higher Education

Higher Education’s purpose is to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the social, political, and economic issues encompassing the development and future challenges of higher institutions. While this purpose may have remained constant for centuries, the world around colleges and universities is undergoing significant change. Higher education is under pressure to meet greater expectations, whether for student numbers, educational preparation, and workforce needs, or economic development. At ISBR Business School, our new models put an intense focus on the student experience, and the drive for innovation and entrepreneurialism will ensure that higher education continues to meet society’s needs. As we know that the world revolves around the internet, blended learning is trending and is critical to the educational sector.

Imagine being able to find the quotation you are looking for with just a click of a button, instead of having to search endlessly through volumes in the library. Better yet, imagine making a mistake on your thesis – you can hit “backspace” on the keyboard and continue with the assignment, instead of starting all over again. These exemplify modern learning.

However, there is another angle in which ISBR Business School looks at modern learning, and that is blended learning. This program is changing the way we help students learn and creating a better future for them. Here’s how the ‘Core Management Learning Activities” at ISBR Business School brings the best out of classroom study.

  • Learning Strategy Modules

Whether you would like to hone your academic writing skills, communication skills, Time management, leadership skills, Critical Analysis Skills, Decision Making skills, or Interview Skills, ISBR Business School offers Learning Strategy modules which are carefully designed to help you extract the best of education & provide a satisfying learning experience.

  • Orchestrating Winning Performance

ISBR Business School endows our students with a comprehensive module of the world’s best business practices and exposure to leading-edge concepts in all important business disciplines. Our electives will help you develop a capacity for analysis, assessment, judgment, and action that you can exercise throughout the course of your career.

  • The Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre provides guidance to the students regarding their career ambitions and facilitates its corporate partners with a sound platform to interact with the young and dynamic student populace to satisfy their recruitment needs. In adopting this culture, ISBR Business School has introduced a SELF DEVELOPMENT PLAN or rather a SELF ANALYSIS also known as C2C ( Campus To Corporate- Gap Analysis), which is a series of learning tools and activities that enhances students awareness of various industry norms and practices, reality checks, job profiles, skill- sets required etc. to make students industry ready.

  • Adventure Learning Programmes

ISBR Business School’s holistic approach to education provides many opportunities for students to integrate classroom learning with experiences outside the classroom. Every year the School organizes several International Study Tours to countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Malasia and so on for MBA/ PGDM students where they visit companies, attend presentations, discuss strategic issues with managers and meet colleagues from other business schools. During the trips, students interact with leading executives and officials while visiting businesses, factories, and cultural sites. We also periodically organize outbound and adventure learning activities by organizing treks, mountain climbing, river rafting and other activities to impart experiential learning. These activities lead to the development of confident, articulate graduates who are prepared to serve as the next generation of creative thinkers and leaders.

  • The Academic Approach

ISBR Business School provides students with a comprehensive education emphasizing career skills and applied knowledge.  Through exceptional curriculum and credentialed faculty, the Institute positions students to meet the emergent needs of an evolving society.
ISBR’s curriculum is set apart by three district dimensions: Extensive corporate interface unlimited knowledge access and an unwavering focus on future.

  • ISBR Incubation Centre

ISBR Business School provides a unique environment that combines workspace, business support and inspiration for high-growth companies and the entrepreneurs that create them. The Innovation Centre has established a thriving entrepreneurial environment which provides support facilities in terms of projects reports, idea guidance, project implementation and other activities. Students who are seeking employment opportunities are given support, training and access to various work environments to adapt to the real world situations. These activities are carried in association with National Entrepreneurship Cell; A Wadhwani Group.

ISBR Business School has a long-standing and widely recognized commitment to the creative use of technologies for enhancing the quality of student learning through new improved modernized technologies, and new resources. Few of the novel activities carried out under the ‘blended learning’ allows the student to get the most out of the program, which directly corresponds to having a better understanding of the lesson and a higher intelligence level overall.

Theory converted into a workshop

Practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge both are important phases of learning. Perfect combination of both practical and theoretical methods is necessary for holistic learning which is why we encourage theoretical knowledge to be converted into workshops. Some of our workshops conducted are:

A Six Thinking Hats Theory workshop was conducted by ISBR Business School students under the guidance of Prof. Preeja Sridhar Faculty- HR. Other innovative Case Study Workshop Conducted by Mr. P K Thomas was conducted to develop better analytical abilities and enhance decision making capacities with recent best practices.

Panel Discussions

The interactive dynamic of discussion can help students learn and motivate them to excel in the corporate world. One such panel discussion on ‘General Awareness on Specialization’ took place which shed light on the job specializations and what necessary criteria should one adapt in order to succeed in the concrete jungle.

International Guests Speakers for Global Perspective

ISBR Business School has always strived to be a differentiator in the field of Education, by providing a platform where students get professionally groomed by Business Experts, thereby not just being confined to the book. In continuation to this Legacy, the International Guest Lecture Series is carried out where distinguished speakers come to share their insights and opinions on a broad range of business issues, finding common ground with students and faculty.

Industry Trend Updates

Students get a deep insight on the current Industry Trends, business Analytics, Investment Banking, Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship Incubation through live interactive sessions by industry leaders.  Ideas and debate come to the fore with our guest speaker programs. ISBR Business School also plays host to elite business speakers, drawn from a diverse range of organizations.

Read: Business Analytics Session by Mr. Ashwin Shastry

Podcasting Lectures

ISBR Business School provides a unique platform to students where lectures get recorded and can be accessed online. Students can access and discuss in real time with their peers without their physical presence. Using live streaming for education, students will be able to watch the experts in their field as they solve problems in real time.

ISBR Business School has been a flag bearer of excellence since its inception and quite recently it has been Ranked 1 as TheNew-Generation B schools of India” by DM-B-School Survey for its novel pedagogy, unique & innovative learning structure.

In conclusion, On-Campus Higher Education with blended learning is the perfect combination of education and technology to get students about learning, and ensuring a bright  future.




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