Team Building Activities

Our second day started off with Mr.Kanakaraj asking us to make a collage on any theme of our choice. But as usual we guys were quiet as it was our second day and no one wanted to get embarrassed. Then sir himself gave us the topic BUDGET 2014.

We were then separated into groups and newspapers and all the necessary stuff was given to us to start the competition. After about 2 hours all the teams completed the work and were asked to display them. We all stuck our work on the windows that were there in the first floor and eagerly waited for the review from the judges. The judges were Mr.Kanagaraj and Mr.Sailesh.

In the afternoon we had another activity by Ms.Dipti Purohit wherein we were divided into teams and were asked to design a dress using Newspapers for the king and queen of the team. The best designers were praised.

It was almost lunch time and that session came to a grand end.

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