In the series of guest lectures happening at ISBR, we had a renowned author who came in to our campus like a whiff of fresh air and fresh thoughts. She spoke on a dynamic and engaging topic ”Energy-Model’ for achieving success in life” 

Her persona is lit from within and she spreads her knowledge and understanding of life wherever she holds court. The portfolio of her various skills and experiences has empowered her to become a body, mind and spirit doctor.

She has contributed articles to The Times of India, HT Horizons, Advanc’edge MBA, Life Positive, People and Management, Your Spiritual Revolution, Go-Getter, Eternal Solutions, Indian Age, Wedding Vows, The New Woman, and Atelier Diva; besides managing various blogs. She also translated books from Hindi to English and edited them.

Her talk with the students at ISBR ranged from what success means to each one of us and how our surrounding environment has such an impact on us whether things are living and non living.

What we give in to the environment, is what we get back from it, the energies of the universe play their hand on us. The universe’s positive energy is a gift to all of us and we need to make the most of it.

Keeping the audience engaged in breathing exercises, mental image modeling and asking them views on various things that motivate them and why, she cleared a lot of air around the delusions the students had. It was guest lecture worth remembering.

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