Social Responsibility : Shreshtha – Daan

 Life is beautiful. Living it to the fullest is what all of us crave for. While living our own lives the way we all want to, even if we do one small act of giving a ray of  hope to another person it becomes worth it.

One such event was organized on the 25th of September 2009, at ISBR,Bangalore. Blood Donation. Noble as it sounds, this act of sincere willingness to help a person with the most vital necessity while fighting for his or her life in case of a mishap was observed in full vigor, courage and enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of the college.

It started with the introduction of Mrs lata Amashi, an amazing social worker and a part of the Rotary Club of Karnataka who stepped on the boundaries of our college and encouraged us for an act like this. She gave minute detail of blood donation, clarified each and every doubt and myth about donating blood, gave her valuable time and energy so that all of us together could make an effort to help someone. The Blood donation was aimed for helping Thallasamia patients who are mostly children, she gave us all information about the disease and if it wasn’t for her we would have never understood so many things about donating blood and taken forward a step for helping humanity in such a manner.

On the D-day, the college arena was completely cleaned – to ensure safety and cleanliness of donors. Student volunteers, CSR club members and staff  made  efforts to look into the smallest of details. Medical professionals walked in from Manipal hospital,Bangalore, which was in collaboration with the Rotary Club for the blood donation camp. Nurses, doctors, helpers, apparatus and instruments, everything was set up in the auditorium for the event with the help of the volunteers.

The best part came when the donors started coming in with all their feelings extended towards the cause and the response was overwhelming. Almost each and every student of ISBR volunteered to donate blood .There was a medical checkup  in order to test the fitness of  the individual, though some of them had to be rejected on grounds of low haemoglobin counts or past surgeries etc. Not only students, but also executives from companies like Infosys and Wipro came in and participated in the event. It was such a big gesture on their part, it really encouraged us, the students of ISBR towards our responsibility and contribution to the society we live in!

The college had also taken care of refreshments for donors once they were done with their blood donation. There were biscuits, juices, fruits, sweets and much more given to the donors which added a bit of fun element to the event and it was enjoyed in a full swing. Student volunteers did excellent job as far as hospitality was concerned. Donors were also given blood donation badges and were regarded for noble deed.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and also a satisfying one because everyone involved in the camp had contributed to the “deed of goodness” and giving back to the society to his credit!

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