A smart and responsible city that Bangalore is, the people at Smart Vote Campaign and B.PAC are taking it a notch higher. Every citizen today needs to realize the importance of their vote in developing India, and to give them a hand at this, the students of ISBR joined them in full spirit to make their voices heard.

Street plays showcased by ISBR students depicted the present election scenario, the mindset of the country’s youth towards the election and the ingrained ‘who gives a care’ attitude was enacted to wake up the educated working class from their slumber.

Flash mobs, the latest rage with the young was also performed by the students of ISBR, to get the crowd grooving and interested. The foot tapping patriotic music choreographed by the students themselves was an instant rage.

The skits and the flash mob was performed over a span of two days at various food courts at the Infosys Bangalore campus pulling in huge crowds and lots of applause from the Infosys employees.

Day 2 event was followed by a panel discussion at the Narayan Murthy convention centre. The panel included big names like Retd Supreme court Justice Mr. Hegde, Mr. Prithvi, Head of Smart Vote Campaign at Bangalore, Mr Jayraj, Retd. Commissioner of Bangalore and Mr. R.K. Mishra, the winner of TOI lead India Initiative. A discussion of over an hour with engaged the young audience and gave them lots of food for thought.

A special thanks to Mr. Manas Kumar and Mrs. Suja Warrior for involving the ISBrians for such an amazing initiative.

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