PGDM and MBA Batch 2017 Inauguration

ISBR – Business school since its establishment has been providing the platform wherein one can learn from teachers, apply his own intelligence, interact with peers and can have sufficient time to feel the experience and enhance the knowledge.

Inauguration of every new batch is a new beginning both for the enthusiastic students, parents, well- wishers as well as for the ISBR family. It has been 27 years since ISBR held the realms of providing quality education with the real world and real learning but still, it never let its hold go loose.

15 July 2017, was the auspicious day which brought down all the 126-to be stars of ISBR to the auditorium where- in they were welcomed with great warmth. They were congratulated and motivated by the dignitaries thus formally incorporating them in the ocean of knowledge named ‘ISBR’.

The inaugural program was arranged in a grand manner. It was really an honour to have Sri G Kumar Naik ( Vice-President, Banglore Management Association, MD, Karnataka Power Corporation Limited) as Chief guest, Prof. N Ravi IFS (retd) (IIM-B) as Guest of honour along with Mr. Manish Kothari (MD –ISBR), Dr. K. S. Anandram ( Senior Director, ISBR), Dr. C Manohar (Dean-ISBR), Dr Chandra Niranjan ( Dean, Finishing School-ISBR), Dr. T. Karpagam (Director Academics- ISBR) and all the faculty members. Corporate leaders of companies such as Wipro, eBeam and InRootz also graced the occasion.

It has been just a fortnight that ISBR has started its batch of PGDM 2017-19 with great pomp and energy. These two weeks of introductory sessions, industrial visits, workshops etc. seemed nothing less than a long lasting festival. To add colors and to make this feast more remarkable, the sparkling faces of MBA 2017-19 started marking their entry and it’s time to give them a grand welcome in ISBR way. As always, it’s the new bunch of students (PGDM 2017-19) who gained enthusiasm in this short span and took up the responsibility to welcome their fellow mates in this garden where dreams turn to reality.

ON 29 July 2017, ISBR inaugurated MBA batch (2017-2019) in the presence of esteemed guests. The auditorium was filled with joyous and a pleasant aura. It was an honor to have Mr. K. Raghu (Member, Board of International Federation Of Accounts USA, Past President Institute of Charted Accountants, India) as the chief guest. We had Sri Muralidhar Halappa (Chairman, Karnataka Skill Development Board), Dr.P M Bhansali (CMD Bhansali Group, PDG Rotary International Dist. 3190), Sri Subhash Chandra Reddy(MD,  Sangeeta Mobiles) and Mr. Ranjeet Solanki( President Rajasthan Cosmo Foundation Trust ). Along with them, we had star invitees from SHRM, Springwell, Aarusha Homes, Robsoft Technologies and Samosa Singh. Alumni Invitee Smt. Arunima Salopal along with ISBR dignitaries with Mr. Manish Kothari(MD –ISBR), Dr.K.S. Anandram( Senior Director, ISBR), Dr. C Manohar (Dean-ISBR), Dr Chandra Niranjan( Dean, Finishing School-ISBR), Dr.T.Karpagam(Director Acadamics- ISBR) and all the faculty members marked the presence and added flavour to the gathering.

Dr. Anand Ram formally inaugurated the batches and gave an enthusiastic speech. Followed by Dr. Anand Ram, Dr. C. Manohar as always took the hall to a humour mode and delighted the environment with delight. He advised the students to run behind the excellence to make the success run behind them. Further Dr. Chandra Niranjan took over the stage and shared her views about how Pre master’s Program proved useful in inculcating the desired qualities amongst the students, how it boosted the confidence of the students before starting their first step ‘on-campus’.

In his presidential address, Mr. Manish Kothari said, “Think every day as Inauguration day and show the same energy and enthusiasm with full zeal for 365*2 days, that day would not be so far when you would be able to bring out a completely transformed being from you.”

Dr.Karpagam, then formally concluded the events by giving the vote of thanks which was followed by felicitation of guests, star invitees, faculties etc .which was further concluded by the national anthem and delightful lunch.

This inaugural function cradled the parents and gave them the sigh of relief and also an assurance that their wards are in right hands at this juncture of life. They were esteemed to leave their stars in this ‘AKASHA GANGA’, where in the knowledge flows in the pure form and purify the souls of the stars which in-turn make them shine brighter. This day has set a platform and created a base for the new birds to fly the first flight in their lives. Thus, one can say that with the arrival of twin brother VIHANG the family of ISBR 2017-19 is complete. ISBR wishes both VIHAAN and VIHANG (PGDM and MBA) a happy and prosperous stay on this auspicious day and also hope that they both work together with proper guidance from seniors ,staff & management of ISBR to make this place ‘GHATIKA STHAANA’(place of knowledge) and ‘BHOOLOKA SWARGA’(Heaven on earth).

Sreedhar Darba ( PGDM 2016-18)

  Vinayaka B.S ( PGDM 2017-19)

  (ISBR Writers & Media Club)




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