Personality Success Blueprint

In our series of guest lectures, we had with us Mr. Beejal Parmar, founder and senior partner of True AIM Solutions, based in Bangalore, India, a pioneering personality analysis and behavior modification consulting, training and gamification companies serving entrepreneurs and organizations.

The event was emceed by Rashi Sharma and the talk was opened by Beejal’s 12 year old daughter, Shivani Parmar. She spoke on how conditioning plays an important in the growth of an individual and even sang her very own composed song ‘ counting smiles’. Kudos to her stage presence and confidence.

Then walked in Beejal and took over the session from there. The two hour engaging session was a mix of personality analysis, games, skits and interaction with the audience. He explained the ‘young managers of tomorrow’ how they could achieve success by having an insight of their personality and then plan and perform accordingly.

He explained that unlocking the gates to their personality with the seven sacred keys is going to help them a long way in achieving the targets that each of them had set for themselves. He introduced the students to PRISM Analysis and Life Plan Mastery programs and how they would benefit from it.

Here’s the quote our guest speaker Beejal lives by “the better you know yourself, the faster you will succeed, and the happier you will be.”  And that’s what he asked us all to implement in our day to day lives.

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