Panel Discussion on ‘General Awareness on Specialisation’

 This is the age where students face the challenge of answering their own questions, with respect to the right selection of the core domain and specialisation. In order to eliminate this confusion, ISBR organised a panel discussion on 28th February 2017 on “General Awareness on Specialisation”. The eminent panel included Mr Fasish Abbas , Senior Manager, Flipkart, Mrs Hemalatha, Financial controller, Fidelity, Ms Anviti Sangwan, HR Director- Adecco, Mr Anupam Behera, an Entreprenuer and Mr Rohit Biddappa, Senior Manager in Nvidia.

Program started with an introduction of each panelist followed by the expression of thoughts on the subject by each panelist for 10 minutes each. It was an interactive session and lights were thrown by the panelist on different aspects of specializations.

It was a pleasure having Mr. Fasih Abbas, Senior Manager, CX Service Delivery, Flipkart Internet Private Limited as one of the panelist. He is heading the Customer Service for Flipkart’s Payment Company, PhonePe. He has an experience of setting up critical business units from the scratch and then scaling it up to the optimum level as per the requirements. He has successfully worked on creating models to maximize capacity, increasing efficiency through process engineering and tech changes, thereby reducing costs. Having an overall experience of over 15 years managing business, people and growing them exponentially, he has been successful in managing some critical roles on both pre-sales & post-sales support sides.

With his vast experience in Customer Services and Retail Supply Chain Management, he explained the various concepts and their futuristic aspects. He cleared the doubts of students who were uncertain with respect to the future prospects of their in-principle choice. He also asked students to give 100% to add on to their skill set, focus on  the subject and use technology optimally.

“We might change and may not be the same as per our specialization as these days software are used to figure out how best sample can be selected,” said Mrs Hemalatha. Financial Controller, Fidelity. With her knowledge in financial aspects, she helped in creating a path of clear vision for students who would be interested in specializing in Finance. The various futuristic prospects of taking finance as a career were discussed.

According to Mr Rohit Biddappa, after MBA, first 4 to 5 years students need to decide their interest, which will decide their next 20 years. In a nutshell he meant that we should never stop learning as it will help throughout our career because if we stop learning then we cease being employable.

Ms. Anviti Sangwan, HR Director, Adecco India, emphasized on English communication and various future prospects of an HR were reflected to students which opened up their thoughts of choosing HR as their specialization. She pointed that skill mismatch is a big problem so we should know our skill set and be different in market. She asked students to start assessing the market to know what kind of organizations they want to get through because it is not always about brand but experience does also matters.

Mr. Anupam Beheram – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Rang De, is  involved in identifying and executing various  cross-functional projects, targeted at improving Rang De’s current process and reducing process deviations.

He provided inputs on various entrepreneurial skills required by an individual to become an entrepreneur. He acted as a live example for students, through which students could inculcate the various risk-taking and risk-managing abilities in the future.

Mr. Rohit Biddappa, Senior Manager, Nvidia is a seasoned Marketing professional with 20 years of experience in enterprise/B2B technology, marketing, advertising, PR, business management, social/digital marketing & brand building and entrepreneurship. He spoke about the real-world marketing trends and various contemporary opportunities faced by the marketers.

The session ended with a Question & Answer session by the students. The discussion went on for 2 hours which spread a great deal of information.

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