OORJA 2K17- A CSR Event  on Waste  Management

Waste Management- A CSR Activity @ ISBRWaste – an environmental  hazard

With civilization comes the various  nuisances. One among them is the waste that gets generated. As one’s standard of  living moves upward it throws down waste beyond ones capacity to manage. Rapid unchecked growth has given way to growing piles of waste. Today Bangalore  the Garden City  of yesterdays and the Silicon City till date is headed to become the Garbage City of India. Well, this calls for a serious thought by one and all. Let us all join together and stop this menace. 

As the Civic Bodies are battling every day with delegations being sent to nations  like Singapore to study their  Waste Management Techniques has just  brought public flak on themselves. It’s time, every citizen take it one ourselves to address this challenge.  This is possible by abiding by

                               REDUCE. RE-USE . RECYCYLCE-   WASTE

Before we could think  of Reuse and Recycle , we should attempt at Reducing Waste. We need to minimize generating waste. Many of us just go on a buying spree at times even though we may not need them. Women especially seem to be shopaholic and men of late following their footsteps. With  one’s purse getting fatter there is a tendency to buy things  even when one does not need it.  Hence once a new one lands at home the earlier one becomes redundant and turns out to be a junk !  when this junk accumulates it  leads to what we call as garbage. Be it empty plastic bottles, cartons, packs, furniture, electronic goods, etc.

Many a social organization is trying to drive home this message of late- NO BUY MONTH.  We dedicate a month where we pledge not to go out for shopping for unwanted things.#NoBuy, # DeClutterDecember.

To drive home this message among the youth of today, we the CSR Group at ISBR – B School had an event on 18 November to create an Social Awareness on Waste  and also on other Social Evils of the society.  The students  came up with many an innovative creation from waste given to them to Recycle.

The Event was in to parts-

Part I- Waste to Wow! Here we saw some great creations made from waste which can find a place in our living rooms as decorate and useful items. Waste -Cartons, Plastics Bottles &  Newspapers were put to a more innovative use. Prizes were given away for the best works.

Part II was a Cultural Program of Skits in the form of Street Plays to drive home the message on Social  Evils – Dowry, Child Marriage, Drug Addiction, Domestic  Violence etc.

The Chief Guest for this unique  event was from SweepSmart  a  Dutch government NGO which is trying to provide technology and know-how to our Indian counterpart for efficient management of WASTE.  Thereby creating Wealth from Waste by a recycling process.

Other related campaigns in the College – On Food Wastage

 An initiative by Shiva Prakash,  a Visiting Faculty at ISBR and an independent  Brand Consultant who is socially driven. 



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