ONAM Celebration ==> Day – 6

White colour as the theme, the day began with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The ambience was delightful and captivating. The campus was decorated so artistically and it was looking very beautiful.

6th September also marked the beginning of Onam, the festival celebrated by the people of Kerala. It is an agrarian festival. The students took the initiative of organizing a small event for celebrating Onam.





Onam Varayi

The event started with a small introduction about Onam followed by performances which enlightened the audience about the festival. One o the students narrated the mythological story behind celebrating Onam .There was a traditional dance performance which was indeed a splendor .A small skit demonstrating how the festival is celebrated, was also an integral part of the event.

The whole event was such a delight. I received a thunderous applause from the audience.



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